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3 things that you might not know Opalux window film can do

The vast range of environments in which Opalux window film is installed – from high-end homes, apartments and conservatories to the likes of sports centres, hotels and colleges – should give you a clue as to the incredible variety of purposes that our products can serve.

Here are just three things that our window film can do, of which you may have never been aware.

1. Decorate glass partitions

The windows separating working areas in your office may be at risk of looking dull or even practically invisible if nothing is done to decorate them in some way.

That’s why you may take an interest in the vast assortment of patterned films that we supply, or for that matter, our window graphics encompassing such forms as plotter-cut frost films and digitally printed graphics.

2. Advertise your brand or service

Whatever the sector in which your business is involved and whatever the product or service that you would next like to promote, digitally printed window film can be produced for you that helps to spread awareness and convey the best values of your brand.

Access the Opalux Market Place today to get in touch with professional firms possessing the design, digital printing and installation skills that will enable you to get the most out of the artistic and promotional possibilities that window film presents.

3. Prevent scratches to your glass

If you are responsible for the public areas of a mass transit system – including trains, buses or ferries – where areas of glass are present, you will be all too familiar with the headache of having to replace that glass whenever it is scratched by a member of the public.

For a cost-effective means of ensuring that your glass does not so easily sustain such damage in the first place, take a look at our range of anti-graffiti films. This type of window film incorporates an optically clear transparent sacrificial coating that absorbs graffiti, meaning it is the easily replaceable film – not the comparatively expensive glass – that sustains the actual scratch damage.

Download our layman’s guide to window film today to learn more about the many ways the right film could serve the requirements of your organisation. Remember that we are also always available when you would like to talk to us about technical issues or request a free survey and quotation – simply call 0845 026 1125 now.