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Patterned Window Films

Patterned Films

There is a wide range of patterns available in the Opalux Patterned and Decorative range each offering a different degree of privacy while allowing a high level of natural light to penetrate. They are typicalled installed to glazed screens in reception areas, lobbies, corridors, internal office partitions and other aread where privacy is required and a light open atmosphere is desirable. 

The film is to be installed to the interior surface of the glass, and the unique product roll numbers used are to be registered in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty procedure.

Typically available are the following generics:- Squares - Vertical Stripes - Horizontal Stripes - Fade-out - Rice Paper - Parchment - Frost - Frost Colour - Transparent Colour - Dusted - Sandblast - Opaque Colour - Dots - Circles - Stippolite - Swirl - Iceberg - Acid Etch - Diffuser - White-out - Black-out - Translucent Colour - Graduated Stripes - etc

You can view some visuals under Specification Paragraphs - Patterned Films..