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If you don’t like the highly mirrored look of solar reflective films, don’t worry!

There’s no question that the solar control window film in our stock here at Opalux can be instrumental in reducing how much solar heat and glare passes through your glass, as would potentially compromise the comfort of those using your buildings.

However, it is not just practical, but also aesthetic considerations that will guide you when you are shopping for window films, which is why our low mirror solar control films may appeal.

Not every specifier or end user is a fan of the highly mirrored appearance that is typical of solar reflective films. If you are among them, you may be interested in the more neutral look that our low mirror options can give.

Window film that caters to all of your priorities

You may give serious consideration to our lower-mirrored window films because these are the films that may seem to best suit the architecture of the building or the style to which you aspire. These films are metallised, but also have a suitably muted grey or bronze appearance, whether viewed from the inside or outside.

The reflectance level of these films isn’t as high as some alternatives, but they are still effective at controlling the amount of heat and glare experienced by the given building’s occupants. Both interior and exterior weatherable versions of these films can also be specified.

What are your options in this range of window film?

We give you various low mirror window films to choose from here at Opalux. They include our Lower Mirror Neutral Grey 20, 35 or 50 solar control films, which deliver a balanced year-round performance of good solar heat rejection with higher light transmission and a neutral external appearance.

Much the same can be said of our External Sputtered Grey 20 or 35 film, except that it is applied externally rather than internally. Another external window film in this range that may interest you is External Sputtered Bronze 20 or 35, which – as its name suggests – provides a bronze appearance rather than a grey one. We can also offer the internally applied Lower Mirror Bronze 20 or 35 films.

When you are looking to select the low mirrored window film that best suits the application you have in mind, we would always urge you to first get in touch with our technical department, so that we can give you the benefit of our specialist knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, we can also connect you to an Opalux approved dealer who will be able to further assist you in ensuring you invest in the most suitable window film for your requirements. Simply call 0845 026 1125 now for further information and guidance.

In what circumstances might you be interested in our Low-E energy control film?

Considerable energy savings are possible in an air-conditioned building when one purchases from our extensive selection of energy control window film here at Opalux. However, amid the recent unpredictable wintry conditions, it is our all-seasons Low-E films that have particularly caught the eye of many of our customers.

These window films are internally applied solar control films with a Low-E coating added to the interior facing surface. This results in a film that rejects a high proportion of the sun’s heat and glare while enhancing the comfort levels of users in the building and minimising air conditioning costs.

Meanwhile, the Low-E coating is instrumental in reducing winter heat loss through glazed areas, which helps to keep heating bills down and improve the given building’s carbon footprint.

Our Low-E film is a little different to the alternatives

A locally applied Low-E window film may normally seem sufficient for minimising the cold-chill effect experienced by people sitting next to large windows. However, if winter energy savings are to be attained, most if not all windows in a particular area or building with a thermostatically controlled HVAC system will need to be treated.

That’s why customers of Opalux can choose between two options for Low-E window film: a solar reflective film that provides the utmost solar heat reduction and winter heat saving, or a neutral low-mirror film that helps to lower solar heat and glare alongside winter heat savings.

Whether you opt for our Low-E Reflective Silver 20 or Neutral 50 solar control film, you can look forward to such shared benefits as quick, retro-fit installation, the screening of harmful UV rays and low emissivity. These films deliver up to 99% ultraviolet light (UV) filtering while also assisting in the reduction of cooling costs, and therefore Climate Change Levy liability.

The role that these films can also play in alleviating the discomfort caused by excessive heat and glaring reflections off computer screens can even make them a great investment when you are seeking to achieve compliance with the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations.

Place your order for a wealth of window film

When you are seeking to purchase window film that perfectly matches your practical requirements, and whether you are a specifier or end-user, we would urge you to first consult the Opalux technical department for tailored and informed advice and guidance.

Call 0845 026 1125 or email to find out more about the breadth of window film that we can supply in accordance with your most demanding needs.   

Light management is a sometimes overlooked benefit of window film

There are two broad types of light management window film of which organisations should be aware, and which are both offered here at Opalux – light diffuser films and light blockout films.

What are the benefits of light diffuser films?

When you wish to achieve the best and most uniform diffusion of light across a window or lightbox, our light diffuser film can be an excellent solution.

While you may consider the likes of privacy, solar control or tinted film to perform a similar role to this, standard film in any of these categories may not diffuse the sun’s rays, daylight or artificial light in quite as measured a way as dedicated light diffuser film.

Indeed, you might even go as far as combining a light diffuser film with a heat or glare control film to diffuse the light even more effectively, while also giving the benefit of glare control. The downside of this arrangement is that it will turn the glazing from transparent into translucent, preventing you from looking through the window.

This should help to make clear just how useful light diffuser films can be as privacy films – indeed, the level of privacy provided can be superior even to standard dedicated privacy film. Such light diffuser films from the Opalux range are white and available in the two densities of 30% or 60% light transmission, with the former being denser than the latter.

To completely block out light, choose our light blockout films

Light blockout films very much live up to their name, with their visible light transmission of less than 1%. If you really do need to prevent the passage of almost any daylight or artificial light through a window or lightbox, there can be no better solution than these completely opaque films.

We offer such films in two varieties here at Opalux: white/black films with adhesive on the black face, and black/white films with adhesive on the white face. They are suitable for installation on both the interior and exterior faces of windows and lightboxes.

These films can be invaluable for such specialised settings as theatres, laboratory rooms and museum display areas where there is a need to prevent any daylight coming through the glazing.

Call us about any of our wide-ranging window film

Whether you are specifically seeking light management films or those of any of a wide range of other categories, it is important to first consult knowledgeable professionals – like those of our technical department here at Opalux – if you are to be sure of making the right choice.

Call the Opalux team now, on +44 (0) 845 026 1125, or email for a more in-depth discussion of your options as an end-user or specifier. 

Solar reflective film is even available from us for polycarbonate windows and rooflights

For conservatories and similar settings that use polycarbonate windows or rooflights instead of glass, a solution may be desired for reducing the amount of solar heat and glare transmitted and exposed to the occupants of the building. Standard reflective window film, however, tends to bubble up if applied to plastic instead of glass.

It is for this reason that you may take much interest in Opalux’s extensive solar reflective films that are specifically designed for polycarbonate windows and rooflights – but what else do you need to know about them?

The perfect solution for providing relief from the sun’s rays

As with so much of the other window film that Opalux manufactures, when one comes to choose between our solar reflective films for polycarbonate windows or rooflights, they will need to consider whether the interior or exterior version is the right choice for them.

Our internal solar reflective film in this range takes the form of a translucent metallised film – bearing the name of the widely recognised Opalux Suncool brand – that is usually applied to conservatory polycarbonate rooflights. Such film can be relied on to provide immediate shading and relief from the direct rays of the sun.

Alternatively, it may be the exterior version of this film that you prefer. It is a metallised silver solar reflective film that provides not only maximum solar heat and glare reduction, but also daytime one-way privacy. This solution is equivalent to the exterior solar reflective window film that you may have seen advertised for glass, except that it incorporates a polycarbonate-friendly adhesive enabling its application to almost any polycarbonate glazing.

You can expect such window film to produce a silver reflective outside appearance during the day, while from the inside, the visual effect is not as obvious, simply taking the form of a light tint.

We can help you to make the right choice of window film

Whichever of these window films you purchase, you can look forward to significant reductions in both glare and the harmful effects of UV rays, such as the premature fading of furniture and furnishings.

However, you will first need to ensure you choose the right film for your requirements. The Opalux technical department can assist you in selecting the film that is best suited to your intended application, whether you are a specifier or end user.

Feel free to call our team for advice today, on 0845 026 1125, or contact us via the Opalux website

Introducing the wonders of our glazing manifestation film

While the key practical reason to invest in glazing manifestation should be obvious to all of its users – namely, the legal requirement to make clear glass more noticeable so that people do not accidentally walk or run into it – it can be easy to underestimate the wealth of available options.

This is certainly apparent with one glance at our own far-reaching range of glazing manifestation window film here at Opalux – so what should you know about it as a prospective purchaser?

Our standard glazing manifestation may be the best match for your needs

If you simply require an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf 50-metre roll of glazing manifestation whether as an architect, designer, specifier or end-user, our Mani-Fest standard rolls of frosted manifestation dots or squares may be the ideal solution.

There is no simpler or more cost-effective means of complying with the requirements set out in the Building Regulations and the Workplace Health Safety & Welfare Regulations for window manifestation or glass partition manifestation.

Alternatively, bespoke solutions are available

It may be that the given application requires you to request customised glazing manifestation – in which case, you will be pleased to learn that it is possible to have our Opalux Mani-Fest 50-metre rolls produced on a bespoke basis to your own specification.

Contact the Opalux Customer Services team today to order, by negotiation, bespoke rolls incorporating a pattern of your choosing, subject to a minimum order quantity of 750 linear metres.

Such bespoke glazing manifestation window film can be produced with a distinctive repetitive mark or logo, within certain design limits. This helps to make it the ideal choice for larger-scale environments such as schools, hospitals and office blocks.

Or talk to us about freeform manifestation

The ultimate form of bespoke glazing manifestation, however, is our freeform manifestation that combines the basic safety dimension of glazing manifestation with creative graphics applied to glass.

This is the glazing manifestation to choose when you are seeking complete freedom to produce the graphics that you desire for your organisation’s glass surfaces. You can choose from an assortment of materials for this, including coloured vinyl graphics, wide format digitally printed graphics, pictures, photos and many other options.

Whether you are already sure about which form of glazing manifestation will best cater to your firm’s requirements or you are eager to explore your full breadth of options, we urge you to get in touch with our company at the specification stage, by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing   

What level of UV protection do you require in your chosen window film?

If there is one definite menace to many a workplace’s fabrics and furnishings such as its curtains, carpets, furniture, floors and artworks, it is the ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun. Unfortunately, once the damage that UV causes occurs, it cannot be reversed, but by being proactive, you can help to prevent it ahead of time.

Yes, we’re referring to our own UV control, anti-fade window film here at Opalux – but which type of such film from our acclaimed product range is likely to serve your needs best?

We offer impressive levels of standard UV protection

Even our ‘standard’ UV protection window film is far from standard, with all of our polyester window films containing UV absorbers that enable 99% of harmful UV rays to be blocked.

Strictly speaking, it is actually 99% of UV rays in the 300 to 380-nanometer solar spectrum range that are blocked by this standard UV protection film.

But formidable enhanced protection is also available

When a further level of UV protection is needed against UV rays of up to 400 nanometres or more, you may be interested in our specialist museum grade films that come in the form of an optically clear film, with additional solar control properties also able to be specified.

There may be healthcare applications for certain skincare conditions that necessitate this heightened degree of UV control, so we would always advise affected customers to get in touch with the Opalux customer services department for additional information and guidance.

Finally, why not ask us about our super-enhanced UV protection?

If you suspect that your given application will require the use of the very greatest UV protection, you may wish to enquire about our amber UV control film, which blocks out the blue part of the spectrum present in natural and artificial light.

There are various laboratory, photographic, pharmaceutical and manufacturing processes – such as the assembly of circuit boards – that are sensitive to this portion of the spectrum. The end user may even find they require multiple layers of our super-enhanced UV protection film, which is why they should examine samples first.

Always consult the Opalux technical department for assistance when you are attempting to choose the most suitable UV protection window film for your application. Call 0845 026 1125 or email our team today.





Our tinted window film makes sense for many different reasons

One of the categories of window film for which we are most renowned here at Opalux is tinted window film, and for more than a few reasons.

Such films are optically clear, transparent and non-metallised, and we present various options that can be applied to glass, including grey/black tints and art colours tints.

Why might you be interested in our grey/black tinted films?

There are various reasons why you may be interested in our grey/black deep-dyed polyester window film, not least given the wide range of grey/black densities in which it can be specified, from very light shades through intermediate to the very darkest shades.

When you are simply interested in such tinted film with the purposes of improved appearance, UV control or shading in mind, one of the lighter shades may be the best choice. However, the darker shades also provide these benefits, together with high levels of glare control to make it easier for those using computer screens to concentrate on their work.

A wish for greater daytime privacy may also motivate you to consider these window films, with different shades providing different levels of privacy while giving the external side of the glass a low mirror exterior appearance.

Such a broad range of available shades also makes this type of window film an appealing option if you are seeking to match up the appearance of replacement clear panels with that of existing surrounding tinted glass.

Alternatively, ask us about our art colours window films

Your reasons for specifying our art colours tinted window film, meanwhile, are likely to be very different. Such film is typically chosen by designers looking to enhance the atmosphere of a given setting by tinting the windows with such colours as Blue, Lilac, Green, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow.

These window films are certainly striking and decorative, which makes them an excellent choice for such sites as classrooms, children’s wards, stage sets, exhibition displays, public buildings, gyms and restaurants. They also provide such decoration while maintaining transparency through the glass, and can be removed whenever you wish to update the look of your windows in the future.

Request our help with selecting window film

Whatever type of tinted window film may seem most suitable for your own desired application, it is recommended that you seek out the specialist knowledge of our own seasoned professionals at the specification stage, so that you can be sure of making the most informed choice.

Contact the Opalux team today about our window film, by emailing or calling +44 (0)845 026 1125.






We give you many options for anti-graffiti window film

The central purpose of our anti-graffiti window film here at Opalux is simple. Glazing in public-facing areas can be highly susceptible to graffiti, and our anti-graffiti film helps to protect glazing from the scratch marks that graffiti can cause.

It accomplishes this thanks to its optically clear transparent sacrificial coating that absorbs the graffiti. The film can then simply be removed and replaced, so that the panel is left looking as good as new.

The effectiveness of our extensive selection of anti-graffiti window film has helped to make it an especially popular choice for mass transit systems, with trains, buses and ferries having long been vulnerable to the ravages of graffiti.

What forms of anti-graffiti film do we offer?

If you are in need of a dependable standard anti-graffiti window film for interior application, our SA-100CL-iSR 100-micron film represents an excellent solution. It is quick to install, offers high optical clarity, is scratch-resistant and screens harmful UV rays, so is not ‘just’ an anti-graffiti film.

Meanwhile, those seeking a standard clear anti-graffiti window film that is suitable for outdoor settings can take advantage of our SA-100CL-eSR film. It needs to be installed to the exterior surface of the glass and correctly silicone edge-sealed, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thicker, 175-micron versions of these strong-selling interior and exterior anti-graffiti window films are also available, in the form of the SA-175CL-iSR and SA-175CL-eSR respectively.

Alternatively, and finally, you may take an interest in the SA-200CL-iSR multi-laminate 200-micron anti-graffiti window film. This is another form of such film that is to be installed to the interior surface of the glass, with such thicker and multi-laminate films sometimes deemed necessary if the graffiti operators use heavy-duty tools.

Opalux should be your go-to source of window film

When you are looking to select the most suitable anti-graffiti window film for your intended setting, whether as an end-user or specifier, it is recommended that you get in touch with the Opalux technical department for informed guidance.

Call our team on 0845 026 1125 or complete and submit an online enquiry form today, and if appropriate, we will connect you to an Opalux approved dealer who can provide you with invaluable assistance, including visiting the site if necessary and providing costings for the film installation.



We give you plenty of options for patterned window film

There are few better-known or more trusted architectural window film brands than Opalux, so it’s only natural that so many organisations turn to us for an assortment of highly specialised options, of which patterned films are just one.

As a matter of fact, you’ve got many more options within our wider range of patterned window film, which enables you to offer a certain degree of privacy to your buildings’ users while still allowing the penetration of a high level of natural light.

These are the window films that all manner of organisations typically choose when they need the right solution for the glazed screens in their reception areas, lobbies, internal office partitions, corridors and other areas where there is a need for both privacy and a light, open atmosphere.

Select from a vast range of patterns

Whatever the current or desired aesthetic in your firm’s office, residential or commercial buildings – or for that matter, for any residential buildings in which this type of window film is to be applied – you are sure to find a suitable option in our range here at Opalux.

Such generics as Squares, Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, Fade-out, Rice Paper, Frost, Parchment, Dusted, Sandblast, Transparent Colour, Opaque Colour, Dots, Circles, Iceberg, Swirl, Acid Etch and Graduated Stripes can all be specified from us.

What else should you know about our patterned films?

Whether you are an architect, designer or specifier, our patterned window film caters to all of your most pressing practical requirements.

Such film can be removed or replaced in the future, should it be desirable to update the look of the glazed screens to which it is applied. It also provides the degree of modesty that is appropriate for reception areas and meeting rooms, where there is a need for good screening.

Our patterned window film is far from a mere luxury or optional extra, not least as it can even be instrumental in satisfying health and safety requirements for large areas of uninterrupted glazing, such as glass partitions.

Make Opalux your first choice for all manner of window film

You simply can’t expect to find a broader range of higher-quality window film than the range that we are so proud to offer here at Opalux. Nor does any other window film supplier provide such a high standard of ongoing technical support, or such competitive prices.

All that you need to do to arrange a free survey and quotation is call our team, on 0845 026 1125. 



Energy control window film that can deliver amazing savings

As the UK's premier brand of architectural window film, here at Opalux, we are proud to be able to bring your organisation options for window film that you may not have previously realised existed. For example, when your premises incorporate a high amount of glazing and require extensive air conditioning, you are likely to appreciate the considerable energy savings that our energy control films enable you to achieve.

In an age in which many firms are conscious of their need to be socially and environmentally responsible, our energy control window film can be instrumental in reducing your own company's carbon footprint. Once the film has been applied to the glass, it can be depended on to reject as much as 80% of the heat of the sun's rays to prevent their entrance into the interior of the building.

This, in turn, usually allows your organisation to lessen its use of air conditioning, whilst reducing the need to pull down the blinds, or to get to grips with complicated automatic controls. It is, instead, a passive medium that does its work from sunrise until sunset.

Which energy control film may best suit your needs?

We offer various categories of heat control films for air conditioned buildings, which is why - if you want to be sure of selecting the film that best matches your own organisation's requirements - we would encourage you to first get in touch with our technical department.

Those options include weatherable solar control films that have been specifically designed to be applied to the exterior of a building, meaning the sun's heat is rejected before it even has the chance to come into contact with the glazing system. This ensures the glazing units themselves are not unnecessarily warmed up, thereby starting to act like radiators that contribute to heat build-up in the interior space.

We are also delighted to be able to offer all-seasons energy control window film incorporating a Low-E coating. These solar control films are internally applied, with the coating being added to the film's interior-facing surface. The result is a product that rejects a high proportion of the heat and glare produced by the sun, while also enhancing worker comfort and lowering energy costs.

Talk to us today about energy control window film

Whatever type of energy control film you might think your company needs, the best idea is to contact our technical staff at the specification stage to ensure you choose the right option first time out - as you can do by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing

Place your trust in Opalux as your chosen provider of industry-leading and effective, but also competitively priced window film.