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About Opalux

Opalux is your user friendly UK premier brand of architectural window film.  Opalux installing dealers cover every region of the United Kingdom and Ireland and are daily treating the windows of schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, laboratories, government departments, industrial plants, high security locations, hotels, sports centres, shopping malls, department stores, retail outlets – you name them - not to mention high-end homes, apartments, conservatories etc.

We are not only connecting with end-users but also architects, designers, specifiers, main contractors and related trades such as glass & glazing, blinds trade, sign trade, security companies, air-conditioning contractors, exhibition contractors and so on.

Wherever you have glass, Opalux window film can improve it, whether it’s internal office partitions for manifestation and graphics, or exterior windows for solar and energy control, or sensitive buildings for bomb-blast protection and signal control, or mass transit systems for anti graffiti measures - and much more.  Go to WINDOW FILMS to click on the product category that matches your enquiry.

Opalux carry the most comprehensive and widest variety of window film stock in the UK.  The Opalux window film collection is manufactured using the finest and most technically advanced manufacturing processes in the world today.

Opalux installing dealers complement this with their product knowledge and depth of on-site experience.  When you are looking for expertise in graphical design, digital print films, technical skills in plotter-cut window graphics you can access the Opalux Market Place database of professional service providers.  Added to this is the invaluable technical support of the Opalux customer service department.  All of this is immediately available to you by clicking on CONTACT US.

You can expect your installation to be successful and trouble-free, and the benefits and added-value of Opalux window film to exceed your expectations.  After all we have 40 years experience in serving customers like you since our inception in 1976.