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5 great reasons to order OPX car window tinting films

Your professional dealer or fitting business will naturally always wish to have access to the latest, most sophisticated and most useful products, and the situation is no different as far as car window tinting films are concerned. That's just one reason why, despite having only recently been introduced, our wide-ranging OPX automotive window films have already proved such strong sellers.

Below, however, are five more factors that help to explain their success - and potential value to your own firm.

Their installer-friendliness

Our OPX car window films have been conceived, designed and produced with the needs of the fitter expressly in mind.

Your workers will always desire products that are relatively quick and easy to install at the same time as providing excellent heat shrink, not least given the time and labour cost savings that can be enjoyed as a result. This is precisely what our OPX films bring to your company.

A stellar amount of choice

Every customer's needs are different, which helps to explain why there are so many options among our car window tinting films under the OPX name.

From our NR Elite Solo and NR Elite Duo optically clear and non-metalized polyester films, right through to the HP Refined and IR Challenger products that are renowned for their own effectiveness in reducing ultraviolet (UV) exposure and glare, we give you a generous complement of options.

A reassuring manufacturer's warranty

Peace of mind will always be important to any customers of yours who invest in car window tinting films. This much is provided in large part by a three-year warranty in the case of the OPX NR Elite Solo film, a limited lifetime one accompanying the NR Elite Duo product, and lifetime warranties with both the HP Refined and IR Challenger films.

Superior scratch resistance

It can be an overlooked factor given the impact that these car window tinting films have from a UV rejection and glare reduction perspective. Nonetheless, a robust scratch-resistant coating will help to reassure your customers that the film they have just purchased will look and perform well for a long time to come without having to be replaced.

Our unrivalled reputation as a window film specialist

The Opalux name is synonymous with quality, dependability and performance in the window film industry. This applies for both our architectural films and automotive films, with end users such as dealers and fitters realising that few companies are as committed as we are to providing genuinely leading-edge, long-lasting and cost-effective products.

Indeed, it isn't only our car window tinting films themselves that have been instrumental in giving us our present unparalleled reputation in the sector, but also the highly professional and responsive service routinely provided to firms like yours by our technical department.