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5 potential purposes of our safety film for glass

Our wide range of security and safety film for glass covers a similarly wide range of applications for all manner of organisations, businesses and premises. Here are just five of them.

           1. Holding shards of shattered glass in place

Accidents or other incidents do happen, and glass can become broken in a manner that can imperil people in close proximity if precautions have not been taken to guard against this.

Here at Opalux, we offer safety film that helps to hold in place dangerous shards of shattered glass so that they do not cause injury to users of your building when the breakage occurs.

          2. Ensuring legal compliance

Did you know that schools, hospitals, workplaces and public buildings are required to comply with Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 by upgrading glazing to a type that breaks safely?

In the event that your organization’s glazing fails to comply with these regulations and an accident occurs, you could be liable to prosecution and legal action leading to damages.

         3. Protecting soft furnishings and other vulnerable items

It may not seem the obvious reason to invest in glass safety film, but our own films in this category screen out 99% of UV radiation, meaning that any otherwise susceptible furnishings and fittings in your premises will not fade and deteriorate as quickly.

        4. Deterring potential burglars, vandals and intruders

While those who are most determined to rob from or cause the most damage to your business will always attempt to do so anyway, a large proportion of individuals in this category will inevitably be those who are seeking an easy opportunity.

If it is obvious to the potential miscreant that you have applied some kind of special film to your premises’ door or window – for instance, if you have invested in our combined translucent, privacy and safety films in fine acid etch frost – they are likely to look elsewhere for that opportunity.

       5. Temporarily protecting glass

There are times when intact glass needs to be protected on a temporary basis by glaziers, such as when the panels of glass are being handled, transported and installed. Construction operations can be inherently dangerous, so it makes sense to invest in a suitably temporary solution.

Opalux’s temporary protection film can be that solution, with discounts also available for bulk supplies.


Whatever your requirements with regard to any of the categories of architectural window film that we apply, including safety film for glass, don’t hesitate to enquire to the Opalux team today for your free survey and quotation, by calling 0845 026 1125.