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5 reasons for Opalux’s stellar industry reputation

When your organisation is in need of window film and you ask others for their recommended brands, one of the names that you can almost guarantee will crop up time and time again is Opalux.

But why is this the case? We look at just five reasons.

  1. We serve a vast range of clients

In almost any type of business or organisation where windows are present on site, you can find Opalux window film fitted.

We cater to schools, colleges, hotels, government departments, high-security locations and industrial plants. It is also not only end-users who directly contact us, with others including architects, designers, specifiers and main contractors, and even firms in related trades such as security companies and air-conditioning contractors.

      2. Our window films cater to almost every need

Whether you require a window film for such a purpose as heat and glare control, security, safety, privacy or even the promotion of your brand or business, we will have a solution for you here at Opalux.

Download our layman’s guide to window films to find out more about our full breadth of expertise and the various categories of sophisticated window films that we can offer.

     3. We are synonymous with innovation

We don’t simply sit back and depend on the technology that has always underpinned our window films.

Our window films are manufactured using the most technically advanced processes that you can find today. Furthermore, we are continually seeking out new ways to enhance our window film collection in line with end-users’ ever-evolving needs in a fast-changing world.

     4. We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years

Our continuous operation since 1976 means we’ve had plenty of time in which to build up industry renown.

Those 40 years have given us plenty of time to gradually refine our products and service to ensure that we cater brilliantly to our customers’ most specific and demanding requirements in the here-and-now.

     5. Our impressive dealer network

Opalux-installing dealers have often worked with the various forms of our window film for many years, and are consequently equipped with all of the product knowledge and on-site experience needed to ensure you get the best possible result from the application of your window film.

Access the Opalux Market Place of professional service providers today to discover the many highly specialised and useful services that they can provide to help you to achieve the perfect outcome from your investment in Opalux window film.

It is thanks to factors like the above that when you want to find a window film supplier in which you can place your utmost trust, there is no need to look any further than Opalux.