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5 strengths of our external reflective solar protection window film

If the amount of solar heat and glare that penetrates your organisation’s buildings is a problem affecting the comfort and productivity of your workers, an obvious step is to invest in appropriate solar protection window film.

But what makes our externally applied reflective films an especially sound choice? Here are just five of their qualities.

Weather resistance

You may choose external rather than internal solar protection window film for various reasons, with the most common justifications including the simple inability to reach the inside of the window, or the glass being a type that doesn’t lend itself well to the internal application of protective film.

Whatever the exact situation for you when you come to purchase this film, you will be thankful for its weather resistance that will ensure it delivers excellent glare and heat control for years to come.

A silver reflective outward appearance

One of the most immediately noticeable aspects of this particular range of solar protection window film is its combination of a uniformly reflective outward appearance and a mere light tint from the inside.

Indeed, such a contrast helps to provide vital privacy for your workers, as they’ll be able to see freely outside, but people outside won’t be able to see easily inside.

The rejection of excessive heat

At this time of year of all times of year, it becomes apparent just how important it is to keep your workers cool, which will be much harder to achieve if harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate the glass with ease.

Our Silver 20 and Silver 35 external reflective solar protective films both provide up to 99% screening of such UV rays, which could be crucial to ensuring your staff’s comfort.

The ability to lessen glare

Glaring reflections off computer screens are, at best, distracting, which could greatly hamper your employees’ productivity. In a worse-case scenario, high levels of glare are hardly good for the occupants of your building from a health and safety point of view, either.

That’s why you may be so thankful for the 82% glare reduction that our external Silver 20 film can deliver, as well as the 66% less glare that the Silver 35 film can give you. 

Protection for your interior furnishings, too

The above qualities can also be instrumental in keeping such items as your building’s furniture, fabrics and artworks in optimum condition for longer when you fit our external reflective solar protection window film. These films can therefore save you considerable money and hassle in the long run, in more ways than one.

Opalux is no less than one of the UK’s most trusted window film brands, so why look anywhere else for the solar protection window film that will give you years of impeccable performance and a better environment for everyone using your buildings? Simply contact the Opalux technical team now to arrange your free survey and quotation.