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Are you looking for a solar control film with a slightly more understated appearance?

The value of solar protection window film like that stocked in many different varieties here at Opalux can scarcely be doubted, particularly when a need exists to minimise excessive heat and glare. However, one common reason for specifiers and end users sometimes being deterred from purchasing traditional solar control films is their highly mirrored, reflective appearance.

Such an aesthetic may be highly undesirable for many buildings, such as historical and listed structures that require a much more visually sensitive addition to their windows.

This is why it is greatly helpful for many of our customers that we can offer low mirror solar control window films that combine the aforementioned practical benefits with a suitably muted grey or bronze appearance from the inside and the outside of the building.

You’ve got no shortage of leading options to choose from

Among the low mirror solar control window film products presently in our stock are both internally applied and externally applied versions, the latter of a weatherable construction that enables them to stand up to the worst of the elements over time. Various factors may dictate whether you opt for an interior or exterior film for your own building – for example, if the inside surface of the windows that you wish to treat are not easily accessible.

Our website is highly informative with regard to the effects that our various low mirror films have. Purchasers of our Lower Mirror – Neutral Grey 20 (SO-20NG-iSR) film, for instance, can look forward to a formidable 80% reduction in glare by a product that also rejects as much as 99% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that would otherwise pass through the glass.

As aforementioned, a bronze appearance can also be specified for low mirror window film from us; interior-applied versions of such film include both Lower Mirror – Bronze 20 (SO-20SB-iSR) and Lower Mirror – Bronze 35 (SO-35SB-iSR). These two films reduce glare by 77% and 55% respectively, with the total solar energy that they reject being 75% and 55%.

We can help you to pick the most suitable window film for any application

Whatever your aesthetic, practical and financial requirements may be in relation to any window film that you are looking to buy, you are encouraged to contact the Opalux technical department so that we can advise you as to which film best suits your intended application.

Call 0845 026 1125 today to receive the guidance that you require to select the most appropriate window film, as well as to arrange a free survey and the most competitive quotation.