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Automotive window films that help to maximise the profits of fitters and dealers

Given the considerable emphasis that we place on our supply of many of the most innovative architectural window films, it can be easy for some customers to overlook our similarly formidable reputation with regard to the provision of all manner of automotive window films.

We do not sell our OPX tinted automotive films directly to car owners, however, but instead to the professional fitters and dealers that can make the most advantageous use of them, to the benefit of their customers.

So, what are the aspects of these films that should make them your own first choice?

OPX is synonymous with quality, durability and performance

When you are next in the market for the automotive window films that will best suit your requirements as a dealer or fitter, you will naturally desire products that have been designed and produced to the highest standards. After all, any shortfall in quality in the films that you use compared to the customer’s expectation will not reflect well on you.

It is just as well, then, that our OPX line of automotive window films truly does represent an advanced level of design and manufacture, as shown by such elements as their excellent heat shrink, high-quality scratch-resistant coating and remarkable colour stability.

Take your pick from leading-edge car window films

While certain characteristics are apparent across all of our present automotive window films, such as an ultraviolet (UV) rejection rate of 99% and a similarly impressive ability to reduce glare, there may also be specialised requirements that necessitate the purchase of a very specific film in this range.

Our NR Elite Solo film, for instance, is a one-ply, optically clear, non-metalized polyester film that is a great option when stunning clarity and high-performing colour stable qualities are required. NR Elite Duo, meanwhile – as its name implies – is a two-ply version, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty compared to the three-year warranty accompanying the NR Elite Solo.

Also included in our current selection of automotive window films is the HP Refined metalized film that is acclaimed for its installer-friendliness, with its excellent heat shrinking enabling it to sit down well on the dot matrix.

Alternatively, your organisation may be best served by IR Challenger window tints, which deliver superior scratch resistance without incorporating a metalized layer, and can be specified in an assortment of shades.

Call the Opalux technical team today on 0845 026 1125, and we can provide you with the advice that you may need to make the most informed choice of car window film – followed by the most competitive quotation.