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Automotive window tinting does more than simply boost aesthetic appeal

One of the most obvious reasons for a driver to decide to enquire about car window tinting films is the same one that motivates many dealers and fitting businesses to approach us about such products here at Opalux – the visual effect that tinting has on a vehicle’s glass surfaces.

You may be interested in ordering car window tinting films for your own customers due to their having requested a solution that would enable them to maximise the privacy – and therefore, safety and security – of their vehicle driving and ownership experience. 

Alternatively, of course, it may be the classy and uniform appearance that window tinting lends to a vehicle that is the chief motivation a particular customer has to have such films fitted to their car.

But car window tinting films don’t just improve the way a car looks. That’s because there is a wide range of other respects in which products like the OPX films we stock here at Opalux could considerably enhance the day-to-day life of the average driver.

Give your customers much greater comfort and convenience as they drive

As we mentioned above, safety and security are certainly things that many drivers wish to bolster when they ask businesses like yours about car window tinting films. When it is more difficult for a bystander to look through the glass at the contents of a vehicle, there is a much-decreased likelihood of that person attempting to break into the vehicle to steal any precious goods.

But when you peruse our broader selection of OPX car window tinting films, you will soon see examples of the various other practical purposes that they can serve.

No one wishes to be behind the wheel of a car, for instance, only to have their vision suddenly obscured by low-lying sun, which is why a film with excellent glare reduction priorities may be an especially great priority for some drivers. Our one-ply non-metalized NR Elite Solo 5 film is just one fine example of such a film, lowering glare by an astounding 94%.

Penetrating and persistent ultraviolet (UV) rays are another worry for many drivers, given the damage that they can cause to not only human health and comfort, but even possibly a car’s interior upholstery over time. Fortunately, you can select literally any of our current OPX car window tinting films – including those from the NR Elite Solo, NR Elite Duo, HP Refined and IR Challenger ranges – in the knowledge that your customer will benefit from UV filtering of up to 99%.

Talk through your needs for high-quality car window films with Opalux

Opalux has been one of the most trusted suppliers of window films since its establishment in 1976 – and more than 40 years on, we remain the company that you should call when your business needs to source tinting products of the highest calibre.

Call our hotline now, on 0845 026 1125, to receive further guidance as to the car window tinting films that may best suit the application you have in mind. Our OPX range continues to go from strength to strength, and our experts can help to maximise your chances of making the best possible choice for your given customer, each and every time.