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Can our solar reflective films be applied to plastic as well as glass?

Given the broad range of options that we present to both end-users and specifiers for heat reflective material for windows, you might understandably ask whether there are any versions of this film that are designed for plastic rather than glass windows.

One thing that the Opalux team would certainly advise you against, is attempting to install film that was created with glass in mind on a plastic window. Unfortunately, if you were to try this with any of the standard solar reflective films in our range, it is likely that the film would ‘bubble up’, thereby rather ruining the sleek look that you might have hoped to achieve.

This is why we would instead point such customers firmly in the direction of our solar reflective films that have been specifically developed for use on polycarbonate windows, such as those windows that are typical for a conservatory or often used for rooflights.

Dependable and high-performing heat reflective material for windows

When you are seeking out the window film that we supply for polycarbonate windows, one of the most important decisions that you will face will be between the interior and exterior variants of this specialised heat reflective material for windows.

The film we offer that is designed to be installed on the interior surface of a polycarbonate window is the well-known Opalux Suncool (SO-10SC-iBF) product. This translucent metallised film provides immediate shade and relief from the often harsh effects of the sun.

Also available from Opalux, however, is an External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate (SO-20RS-eBFSR) film, which is a metallised polyester-based solar control film. As its name indicates, this film has a silver reflective appearance during the day, but only from the outside; from the inside, the visual effect is a light tint. As a consequence, this is a superb film for those wishing to ensure one-way privacy in their conservatory during daylight hours.

Both of these films are also renowned, however, for their considerable glare reduction capabilities, as well as their filtering of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The latter can be an important feature for not just better protecting you and the occupants of your conservatory, but also preventing your furniture and furnishings from fading prematurely.

Talk to the Opalux team about all things heat control films

At this time of year of all times of year, it can be an especially urgent matter to source and install heat reflective material for windows to swiftly ensure the most comfortable possible use of a conservatory or similar building.

Enquire to our professionals here at Opalux today, and we would be happy to discuss your most specific requirements for such a window film with you, and to arrange a free survey and quotation.