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Can window film be installed on tinted glass?

There are several reasons why you may be concerned about the prospect and viability of having window film applied to already-tinted glass. Given that much window film is itself tinted, you might be wondering what consequences the addition of a window film may have for visibility through your tinted glass, as well as such characteristics as ultraviolet (UV) rejection and glare reduction.

However, another factor may have come to your attention to lead you to ask the question “can window film be installed on tinted glass?” – namely the risk of thermal fracture. 

Could the application of window film risk the integrity of your glass?

To understand why thermal fracture may be a more likely possibility if you have window film installed on already-tinted glass, it is important to appreciate that tinted glass is a major heat absorber, which can create a high level of stress within the glass.

With window film also absorbing a certain amount of heat, there is a risk that if the combination of the tinted glass and any applied window film results in a very high level of heat absorption, the associated thermal stress could cause the glass to crack.

Installing the film externally, rather than internally, may help

One potential solution to the above problem is to fit your window film to the outside surface of the glass rather than the inside. We offer various external films here at Opalux, consisting of the weather resistant construction that enables them to avoid rapid degradation due to sunshine exposure.

The main reason to choose externally applied rather than internally applied window film for application to tinted glass, however, is the fact that the former type of window film rejects the heat of the sun before it penetrates and is absorbed by the glazing unit itself.

This helps to lessen the chances of thermal fracture as a consequence of an elevated level of heat absorption in the glass. It is also why we recommend external over internal window film for other specialised and vulnerable forms of glass, such as laminated or Georgian-wired glass.

Ask us about the solutions that could best suit your given application

So, can window film be installed on tinted glass? The short answer is “yes”, but the longer and more complicated answer is that much depends on such factors as the type of window film used, as well as the level of tinting in the glass and the likely level of heat absorption.

This is why, before you purchase any window film for application to tinted glass, we would advise you to contact the Opalux technical team, so that we can help you to assess the probable risks and determine the solution that is least likely to leave you with any headaches.

Simply call the Opalux team now, on 0845 026 1125, or complete and submit our straightforward contact form, to ask us any specialised questions about window film or request a free survey of the glass at your property.