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Clear heat reduction films can be invaluable if glare control is not a priority

The Opalux name has come to be associated with a broad range of highly rated solutions for the rejection of solar glare and heat gain, with just one category of such products being our clear heat control films. 

However, our clear heat control films are not ‘just any’ heat reduction films; they are highly sophisticated and spectrally selective, filtering out infrared (IR) radiation at the same time as transmitting high levels of visible light. This means that they are, first and foremost, heat reduction films, albeit also delivering a very limited amount of glare control.

Nonetheless, these are not films that you would select if glare reduction is a great priority, or if the space in question already benefits from adequate measures to minimise glare, such as the use of curtains, blinds or awnings. You are therefore especially likely to choose these films if the space in question is one where the preservation of a natural appearance is important, but you also wish to reject solar heat gain.

Several acclaimed options are available for such film

There are two solutions in our current range of internally applied clear heat reduction films, as well as a film that is to be installed externally.

The former two are the SO-70IR-iSR and SO-70XLIR-iSR films that both provide 99% UV rejection. They are also known as Opalux Specialist Heat Control Clear Film and Opalux Supreme XL IR Heat Control Film respectively, and are invaluable for such settings as retail shop windows and motor showrooms. Both of these films are also quick to apply, scratch-resistant and allow very high light transmissions.

These same advantages are also present in our External Specialist Heat Control Clear Film, which is also known as SO-70IR-eSR. It is another state-of-the-art heat reduction film that rejects a high level of solar heat, while not noticeably reducing daylight levels or changing the appearance of windows. This makes it the perfect clear solar control film in the event of internal application being deemed unfeasible or undesirable.

Allow us to assist you in your search for heat reduction films

Heat control is one of the most important functions that you may wish your window films to perform. This helps to explain why it is such a priority of ours here at Opalux to ensure only the highest-quality, up-to-the-minute heat reduction films are represented in our range.

Whatever your own requirements may be for such films as a specifier or end-user, we are likely to be able to bring you a highly suitable solution. So why not contact us today to ask a question or arrange a free survey, by calling the Opalux team today on +44 (0)845 026 1125?