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Don’t depend on air conditioning alone to keep your company’s offices cool!

It would be easy to presume, as temperatures at your organisation’s premises remain persistently high despite the traditionally cooler time of year we are now entering, that you have little choice but to crank up the air conditioning and hope for the excessive heat to pass. However, it’s important to consider the adverse effects that this could have on your company’s energy bills – and as a consequence, its energy efficiency as well.

No company wishes to pay elevated air conditioning bills at a time when energy seems to be more expensive than it’s ever been – so how could a window film or two from Opalux help to keep everyone in your offices cool for a reasonable price?

We are experts in energy control window film

Just imagine how much less of a requirement your firm will have for air conditioning if it installs a solution that prevents as much as 80% of heat from the sun passing through its glazing and into its buildings. You might think the only thing capable of this would be an expensive piece of equipment, but that’s not the case, as one of our acclaimed window film products can also do the job.

Remember that unlike almost any other option for preserving hospitable temperatures at your company’s premises, a window film is a passive medium. Once you have fitted it to your office’s glazing, you don’t need to operate complex controls or intervene in any other way. Instead, it’ll simply get on with the task of rejecting solar heat gain and as a result, lessen your air conditioning’s load.

With any energy control window film that you purchase also potentially greatly reducing your company’s carbon footprint, there are reasons to invest in such products besides the immediate practical benefit of employees who feel more comfortable and better able to focus on their work.

How much could you hope to save with our energy control film?

Browse our complete selection of heat and glare control window films today – encompassing the likes of solar reflective films, low mirror films, clear heat control films and dual reflective films – to discover the possibilities for window film that not only gives your air conditioning systems less work to do, but also fulfils a variety of other aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

You might even go as far as enquiring about our energy saving computer simulation that enables you to gain a more accurate estimate for how much you could save as a result of the installation of an Opalux window film. Call +44 (0)845 026 1125 to learn more about this service, or for further guidance as to our best window film offerings for your organisation’s circumstances.