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Guard against solar damage with Opalux’s exterior-grade window films

One sure mark of a great window film company is an ability to provide not only high-quality interior films, but also exterior-grade architectural films that are effective at protecting a building from the adverse effects of sustained and intense sun exposure.

We are proud to be able to offer truly state-of-the-art exterior-grade window films here at Opalux, drawing upon our experience and expertise gained over decades of offering outdoor-ready films.

With their weatherable construction incorporating additional ultraviolet (UV) barriers, Opalux exterior-grade films stand strong where alternative exterior films degrade, which has long made them a trusted solution among organisations from a vast range of sectors.

Countering the adverse effects of UV

UV radiation into a commercial property has long been undesirable, given how it can compromise worker comfort and productivity while also causing gradual fading and damage to interior fabrics. Our exterior reflective solar control films here at Opalux can therefore be invaluable, not least when they are applied to the exterior face of window glass.

Fixing our exterior-grade window film to the outside of your building means that the heat of the sun can be rejected before it penetrates and is absorbed by the actual glazing unit. This makes them a more efficient solution for reducing solar gain, as the sun’s heat is not allowed to re-radiate to the inside of the building.

However, applying our reflective exterior-grade film to the outside face of your premises’ glass has another key advantage: the reduced risk of thermal fracture. Laminated, Georgian-wired and heavily tinted glass can be especially vulnerable to this, although it can also happen with other glazing in certain circumstances.

Make Opalux your go-to exterior window film company

We offer various options for exterior-grade window film, depending on your other practical requirements, as you can find out by browsing the product categories on our website. Our exterior films bear the film code suffix –eSR, rather than the –iSR used for internally applied films.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 845 026 1125 or by emailing to discuss whether a given window film of ours can be applied to the exterior surface of your building’s glass and is a good match to your firm’s other needs. It is at this stage that we will also be able to arrange a free quotation and survey for you.