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How does window film work?

While not all forms of window film work in exactly the same way, there are nonetheless certain consistent aspects governing how they function. The basic purpose of a window film is to provide an extra barrier on top of the window surface as a means of protection.

Different forms of window film cater to different needs

One only needs to browse the full selection of window films that Opalux offers to appreciate that there are many different types of window film and tinting, with each product having a slightly different purpose to the next.

The typical window film consists of a layer of clear polyester film, so that vision through the glass is maintained once the film has been applied to the window.

However, window films also routinely incorporate other tinting agents, including metals and dyes, to ensure the desired performance in the setting in which they are intended to be used.

A good example of this can be seen in how internal and external window films differ. Window films are usually applied on the inside surface of glass, rather than the outside. This is because externally applied window film would be exposed to the outdoor elements such as the sun, wind and rain, making it vulnerable to more rapid deterioration than would be the case if it was applied internally.

However, there are also certain circumstances in which it is not feasible or desirable to install window film on the interior surface of glass, such as if the interior surface is difficult to reach or the glass is laminated or Georgian-wired.

For these reasons, we can also supply specialised exterior-grade window films of the weather-resistant construction necessary to protect them against rapid degradation.

Select the window film that perfectly matches your needs

As you browse our online selection of window film here at Opalux – encompassing such variants as tinted window films, energy control films, UV control films, patterned films and many more – you will also be able to examine the exact specifications of the different options before you.

Different window films deliver different outcomes with regard to such aspects as the percentage of visible light transmitted and reflected, the levels of solar energy transmitted, reflected and absorbed, levels of glare reduction, and many more.

For more information in response to the question “how does window film work?”, particularly in relation to the particular type or variant of window film that you may have in mind, you are welcome to get in touch with the Opalux technical department today. Don’t hesitate to call 0845 026 1125 today, or to complete and submit our straightforward online contact form