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How to make glare less of a problem at your business premises this New Year

In a world in which more and more workers spend a considerable amount of their office time sat in front of and concentrating on a computer screen, glare can be a sometimes surprising compromise to productivity levels.

Even worse is that it is not, contrary to popular belief, an issue that only ever arises during the summer; it is the winter months, after all, when the sun tends to be low in the sky during hours when the typical office staffer is still working.

Regardless, January marks a New Year, as well as the start of a steady transition to more spring-like conditions in the months ahead. This means your office-based firm may need to think increasingly urgently about ways of reducing glare, and putting the chosen solutions into practice before the summer arrives.

So, what could those solutions be?

Plenty of potential measures for reducing glare in an office have long been tried. You might have arranged for those employees of yours who wear glasses to swap them for spectacles incorporating an anti-glare coating, for instance, or you may have attached anti-glare screens to their monitors.

Another possibility could be to rearrange the layout of your office, so that any artificial light sources used in the space are not positioned in a way that makes glare more likely. It’s a similar situation for natural light, too, so ensuring none of the computer screens in your office are directly facing the window – which the sun may sometimes stream through – could be another very wise idea

Alternatively, perhaps you could simply fit some window blinds or curtains around your office? These are an affordable, fuss-free and ‘low-tech’ solution, but they can also collect dust. This is to say nothing, too, of the sheer inconvenience of your employees having to manually adjust them over the course of the day and week, in line with the light conditions at any one time.

There are good reasons why so many firms choose window films

Even if you have never considered using window film to reduce glare, here at Opalux, we can guide you to the product in our renowned range that represents the best match to your full range of requirements.

Window films make great sense as a means of lessening the amount of glare experienced by your workers in 2020. They enable your employees to continue appreciating the view through the glass, without having to continually intervene to ensure glare is actually still being prevented.

Furthermore, our window films are known for their impressive aesthetics and performance, the latter including not only glare reduction, but also the reflection of solar energy gain and the filtering of potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Why not, then, call the Opalux team now on 0845 026 1125, to talk to us in more detail about how the right window film to reduce glare from us could bring benefits extending well beyond glare reduction? When you do, we will also be able to arrange a free survey for you, and provide the most competitive quote you will find in this industry.