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If you don’t like the highly mirrored look of solar reflective films, don’t worry!

There’s no question that the solar control window film in our stock here at Opalux can be instrumental in reducing how much solar heat and glare passes through your glass, as would potentially compromise the comfort of those using your buildings.

However, it is not just practical, but also aesthetic considerations that will guide you when you are shopping for window films, which is why our low mirror solar control films may appeal.

Not every specifier or end user is a fan of the highly mirrored appearance that is typical of solar reflective films. If you are among them, you may be interested in the more neutral look that our low mirror options can give.

Window film that caters to all of your priorities

You may give serious consideration to our lower-mirrored window films because these are the films that may seem to best suit the architecture of the building or the style to which you aspire. These films are metallised, but also have a suitably muted grey or bronze appearance, whether viewed from the inside or outside.

The reflectance level of these films isn’t as high as some alternatives, but they are still effective at controlling the amount of heat and glare experienced by the given building’s occupants. Both interior and exterior weatherable versions of these films can also be specified.

What are your options in this range of window film?

We give you various low mirror window films to choose from here at Opalux. They include our Lower Mirror Neutral Grey 20, 35 or 50 solar control films, which deliver a balanced year-round performance of good solar heat rejection with higher light transmission and a neutral external appearance.

Much the same can be said of our External Sputtered Grey 20 or 35 film, except that it is applied externally rather than internally. Another external window film in this range that may interest you is External Sputtered Bronze 20 or 35, which – as its name suggests – provides a bronze appearance rather than a grey one. We can also offer the internally applied Lower Mirror Bronze 20 or 35 films.

When you are looking to select the low mirrored window film that best suits the application you have in mind, we would always urge you to first get in touch with our technical department, so that we can give you the benefit of our specialist knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, we can also connect you to an Opalux approved dealer who will be able to further assist you in ensuring you invest in the most suitable window film for your requirements. Simply call 0845 026 1125 now for further information and guidance.