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Just how much heat can be lost when you choose one of our clear heat control films?

If you are interested in reducing temperatures in a setting that can be vulnerable to excessive heat, but where it is also important to ensure the windows retain a naturally clear appearance, you might be concerned that there are only so many window films you are able to choose from.

However, a type of window film that can definitely cater to this requirement is our own clear heat control film here at Opalux.

As the name of these window films indicates, our clear heat control films transmit high visible light levels, unlike some of the other glass film to reduce heat that you may have considered, yet are still genuinely effective at rejecting heat gain.

This combination of qualities helps to make these films an excellent choice for such applications as retail shop windows, motor showrooms and other residential and commercial settings in which a reflective or tinted outward look just wouldn’t be desirable from a window film.

But what exact level of performance can you expect from this particular glass film to reduce heat?

Genuinely impressive heat reduction

Before we go any further, it is worth emphasising that unlike many of the other heat reduction films we supply here at Opalux, our clear heat control films are not a particularly good choice if it is a major priority of yours to decrease glare. Indeed, these films are all intended to be used in spaces where glare control is not a great concern, or where it is already addressed by other means such as awnings, curtains or blinds.

If, though, you are specifically seeking out clear glass film to reduce heat, these products deliver remarkable results. Opt for our internal Specialist Heat Control – Clear (SO-70IR-iSR) product, for instance, and you can look forward to 50% of solar energy being transmitted through the glass to which it is applied, while 11% will be reflected and 39% absorbed.

The relevant solar energy statistics for the Supreme XL – IR Heat Control/Clear (SO-70XLIR-iSR) film, meanwhile, are 37% transmitted, 36% reflected and 27% absorbed. Finally, the Specialist Heat Control Clear External (SO-70IR-eSR) film, which is designed to be fitted to the outside surface of glass, transmits 39% of solar energy, reflects 9% and absorbs 52%.

Source your glass film to reduce heat from the undoubted industry leaders

With heat reduction being just one benefit of the clear heat control film manufactured and supplied by Opalux – the others ranging from very high light transmissions and quick retro-fit installation to the effective screening of ultraviolet (UV) rays and the better protection of interior furnishings – these are ideal window films for various contexts and purposes.

Don’t, then, hesitate to talk to the Opalux team about how we can serve your own most specific requirements from glass film to reduce heat. Call 0845 026 1125 now, and we will also be able to arrange a free survey and quotation for you.