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Light management is a sometimes overlooked benefit of window film

There are two broad types of light management window film of which organisations should be aware, and which are both offered here at Opalux – light diffuser films and light blockout films.

What are the benefits of light diffuser films?

When you wish to achieve the best and most uniform diffusion of light across a window or lightbox, our light diffuser film can be an excellent solution.

While you may consider the likes of privacy, solar control or tinted film to perform a similar role to this, standard film in any of these categories may not diffuse the sun’s rays, daylight or artificial light in quite as measured a way as dedicated light diffuser film.

Indeed, you might even go as far as combining a light diffuser film with a heat or glare control film to diffuse the light even more effectively, while also giving the benefit of glare control. The downside of this arrangement is that it will turn the glazing from transparent into translucent, preventing you from looking through the window.

This should help to make clear just how useful light diffuser films can be as privacy films – indeed, the level of privacy provided can be superior even to standard dedicated privacy film. Such light diffuser films from the Opalux range are white and available in the two densities of 30% or 60% light transmission, with the former being denser than the latter.

To completely block out light, choose our light blockout films

Light blockout films very much live up to their name, with their visible light transmission of less than 1%. If you really do need to prevent the passage of almost any daylight or artificial light through a window or lightbox, there can be no better solution than these completely opaque films.

We offer such films in two varieties here at Opalux: white/black films with adhesive on the black face, and black/white films with adhesive on the white face. They are suitable for installation on both the interior and exterior faces of windows and lightboxes.

These films can be invaluable for such specialised settings as theatres, laboratory rooms and museum display areas where there is a need to prevent any daylight coming through the glazing.

Call us about any of our wide-ranging window film

Whether you are specifically seeking light management films or those of any of a wide range of other categories, it is important to first consult knowledgeable professionals – like those of our technical department here at Opalux – if you are to be sure of making the right choice.

Call the Opalux team now, on +44 (0) 845 026 1125, or email for a more in-depth discussion of your options as an end-user or specifier.