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For the most demanding UV control applications, choose suitably specialist film

We take a lot of pride here at Opalux in supplying solar protection window film that caters to even the most exacting requirements, especially at a time of year like this one, when it can be so important to invest in a product that ticks a wide range of boxes.

This helps to explain why certain more specialised ultraviolet (UV) control films also play a central role in our product range. More specifically, we are referring to standard, enhanced and super enhanced UV protection films that can be depended on for applications calling for a product that goes beyond the most basic functions of the average solar protection window film.

Why might you purchase our Specialist UV Control film?

Our clear Specialist UV Control film (SO-CLUV-iSR) suits a variety of potential uses. It may, for instance, be applied to the windows of a home, vehicle or workplace for the benefit of people with a UV-sensitive skin condition, while it can also be useful for retailers, museums and similar organisations that are interested in shielding exhibits, displays and furnishings from the adverse effects of UV.

UV rays can be notorious for causing curtains, carpets, floors, furniture and artworks to deteriorate over time, which is why it is so great that this specialist solar protection window film surpasses the standard museum test requirements for low UV transmission and colour distortion.

While this film transmits 77% of solar energy and 86% of visible light, it also blocks up to 99% of UV rays in the 300 to 380-nanometer range of the solar spectrum.

Sometimes, though, an extra level of protection is required

So, with our Specialist UV Control film delivering such exceptional performance, how does the Amber UV Control film (SO-AMUV-iSR) differ?

Well, as its name indicates, this particular solar protection window film is amber in colour, which signals that it is designed to prevent the passage of UV light into the low visible light region. It is a product that is specified for settings in which different types of extreme UV light blocking are required, such as a medical or clean room.

As you may have already anticipated, the highly specialised nature of both of these films means that if you are to make the most informed choice of film for your own needs, it is advised that you first contact the Opalux technical department. This way, you can be sure of benefitting from our in-depth knowledge of these window films, of which samples can also be provided before you commit to any particular product.

Call 0845 026 1125 or email today, and you will be advantageously placed to make the best choice of solar protection window film for your own intended application.