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The necessity of controlling glare in your workplace

85% of the information that we take in is through our sight. This should not be a surprising fact, given how much we learn from such activities as reading books and looking at signs; however, it does place a strong onus on ensuring that your workplace lighting is not producing glare that hinders your workers.

Yes, your workplace can have too much light

When most of us talk about ‘poor lighting’, we do so in reference to insufficient lighting. However, lighting can also be too strong, thereby giving rise to certain adverse effects such as eyestrain, which can hamper workers’ productivity.  

Research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has also found that excessive light can have a detrimental effect on mood. You probably already know, from your own experiences, how much your productivity can be compromised when you aren't enjoying your time in the office.

See the light... but not too much of it

If your employees' work involves prolonged periods viewing computer screens, they may suffer what is known as visual display unit – or VDU – glare. While evidence suggests that this does not bring long-term issues, it can cause temporary myopia, which curbs the ability to see distant objects.

Lengthy, uninterrupted periods of viewing a bright computer screen can also throw the body's circadian rhythms into disarray. These rhythms affect how the body reacts to lightness and darkness, so too much time spent in front of an overly bright computer screen may lead to difficulties getting to sleep at night.

You shouldn't dare to glare

All of these problems can be prevented, or at least made less likely to happen when you act to reduce glare on your premises. However, tweaking the arrangements of your office's artificial lighting may not be sufficient, as light coming in through the windows can also be a problem.

When light enters from outside, it can shine onto a computer monitor and wash out what it displays. Fortunately, you can combat this problem by fitting a dedicated glare control window film that can significantly lower the likelihood of a washed-out display.


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