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OPX NR Elite Solo car window film is no mere ‘entry-level’ option

Understandably, when your dealer or fitting business is striving to meet the most exacting demands of its customers, you will expect the highest level of sophistication – but also excellent value – in whatever car window films you choose, as a bare minimum.

Our wide selection of OPX window films, however, may give you the false impression that our supposedly ‘entry-level’ products may lack something in the way of refinement or performance. This could not be further from the truth, as is deftly demonstrated by our OPX NR Elite Solo films.

They may be called ‘Solo’, but they fulfil multiple purposes

While our OPX NR Elite Solo products are so-called on account of their single-ply construction – as opposed to the two-ply form taken by their NR Elite Duo counterparts that can also be ordered from Opalux – they are impressively cutting-edge films in their own right.

This much is demonstrated partly by certain characteristics that all of our OPX window films under the NR Elite Solo banner can boast, such as their remarkable clarity, high-performing colour-stable properties and non-reflective appearance.

However, you only need to take a cursory look at the relevant section of the Opalux website to appreciate that we also offer many variations on the basic formula of our NR Elite Solo film. In fact, we presently stock six versions of this 25micron, non-metalized film – namely NR Elite Solo 5, 15, 20, 35, 50 and 70.

These numbers correspond with the percentage of visible light that each of these films allows to be transmitted through the glass. So the OPX NR Elite Solo 5 film, for instance, only permits the transmission of 5% visible light, while rejecting 43% of total solar energy; these percentages are a very different 70% and 23% respectively for the OPX NR Elite Solo 70 product.

But it’s also far from just various degrees of solar energy rejection and visible light transmission that these sometimes overlooked OPX window films provide. You might not have known about their glare reduction capabilities, for example, amounting to 94% in the case of the ‘5’ film, and 20% as far as the ‘70’ is concerned. These differences allow for every degree of need to be catered for.

Then, there’s the not-insignificant fact that all of our OPX NR Elite Solo films deliver as much as 99% ultraviolet (UV) filtering. This is an invaluable feature for drivers having such films fitted to their cars, given the harm that UV rays can cause to a vehicle’s interior and even human health over time.

Don’t look further... simply ask for a competitive quote now

It may be the NR Elite Solo film that you consider to be the best choice for your own customer who has just asked you about car window films, or you may instead be most drawn to such possibilities as the equally – or even more – sophisticated NR Elite Duo, HP Refined and IR Challenger products.

We are delighted to be able to supply them all as part of our far-reaching and industry-leading range of OPX window films here at Opalux – and it’s an extremely simple process to get in touch with us to request advice, guidance or a good-value quote. Simply call 0845 026 1125 today.