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Our highly regarded Mani-Fest® manifestation can be an essential workplace health and safety enhancement

Is your organisation seeking a quick route to compliance with not only Building Regulations, but also the Workplace Health Safety & Welfare Regulations for window manifestation or glass partition manifestation? If so, our off-the-shelf frosted manifestation dots or squares could be an invaluable investment, whether your firm is the specifier or end user.

Indeed, unlike so many window film and related products, Mani-Fest® dots or squares are highly suitable for application by end users – and indeed, can be supplied directly to such users by us.

Why does our window manifestation make so much sense?

While, as mentioned above, there are regulations that make our manifestation dots or squares a wise purchase when you wish to achieve fast-track compliance with health and safety requirements, it is not just the legal or safety angle that you may be motivated by when turning to us for these products.

Our Mani-Fest® dots and squares are, after all, neat, unobtrusive and unpretentious in appearance, and have long won rave reviews from our customers, who have routinely described them as “easy to use”, a “good concept” and “very convenient”.

You therefore don’t need to consider any other window film product for this purpose, our glazing manifestations being suitable for use throughout an organisation’s departments or buildings, thereby helping to perpetuate a consistent aesthetic across all of the given firm’s premises.

It’s no wonder, then, that contractors place their trust in us time and time again when in need of manifestation dots and squares for use on new or existing glass in schools, hospitals, public buildings, offices and retail stores – to name just some obvious settings in which this product is likely to be valued.

Ask us any questions you may have about Mani-Fest®

Opalux is a go-to name for manifestation rolls not just in dot and square designs, but also in the form of bars, chevrons or diamonds – or for that matter, almost whatever other pattern you may wish to request from us. We also offer attractive quantity discounts when 10 or more rolls are purchased at a time.

We aren’t just a company to consider, then, when your organisation is in need of standard window film! Call 0845 026 1125 now, and our friendly and professional team will be happy to discuss with you the best-suited solution, and even arrange for same or next-day despatch of your items.