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Our internally applied heat reflective material for windows continues to deliver the goods

If it is a Google search for ‘heat reflective material for windows’ that has brought you to this page, you are presumably on the lookout for a solution that will reflect or repel the heat that can otherwise so easily rise and make your buildings’ internal spaces less than pleasant places to be.

Indeed, on the subject of internal spaces, it is important to note that such heat reflective material – otherwise known as window film – is available for both internal and external application.

While there are certain contexts in which internally applied film will make the most sense and others in which you may deem an external window film to be the best choice, an internal film undoubtedly offers convenience when it is not necessarily easy or simple to access the outer surface of your building’s glass.

So, what solar reflective films for internal application do we presently have in our stock here at Opalux, and what benefits will you be able to expect?

Different window films suit different requirements

While the basic principle of heat reflective material for windows as mentioned above may remain the same across the wide range of products on the market, we do see customers with many different requirements here at Opalux, and therefore seek to provide the most specialised and suitable window films for them.

You are likely to look to our Reflective – Silver 20 (SO-20RS-iSR) product, for instance, if it is the very best possible level of heat rejection that you desire in your choice of internally applied film. This product transmits just 13% of solar energy, while reflecting 52% of this energy and absorbing 35% of it. It also offers remarkable glare reduction capabilities of 82%.

However, while this particular window film is an excellent solution for tackling severe solar heat gains and glare problems in a building, all of this does mean lower levels of visible light are transmitted through the glass.

If, then, you require a higher amount of visible light transmission and are prepared to also accept a higher level of solar energy transmission and lower glare reduction to accommodate this, such a product as our Reflective – Silver 35 (SO-35RS-iSR) or Reflective – Silver 50 (SO-50RS-iSR) film may turn out to be more suitable.

Don’t accept anything less than an industry-leading product

Whatever window film you purchase from Opalux, you can be sure of the same impeccable standards of design, manufacture and effectiveness, as we have become renowned for over the decades since we were established in 1976. Our professional and friendly customer service team can also provide highly responsive and informed technical support.

Let’s ensure that you benefit from only the finest possible heat reflective material for windows, whether as a specifier or end user; call the Opalux team now, on 0845 026 1125, for all of the assistance and guidance you’ll need, as well as a competitive quote.