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Our low mirror window films are excellent for both glare and heat reduction

Are you, as a specifier or end-user, on the lookout for window film to reduce glare and heat, but without the highly mirrored look that our solar reflective films have? In that case, you might wish to consider our low mirror window films, which provide a more subtle, neutral appearance while still delivering brilliant practical results.

Both internally and externally applicable versions of our low mirror films are available, while you can also choose between the two hues of grey or bronze. But what else do you need to know about the precise specifications of these sought-after window films?

Not all of our low mirror options produce the same results

While our various low mirror window films have certain things in common – including remarkable filtering of ultraviolet (UV) rays while still letting a high level of light to pass through the glass – the exact results that they deliver in other respects can vary.

The distinction between the internal and external versions of this popular film is vital, for instance, because the exterior versions have been designed to withstand the elements. We would therefore strongly advise you not to fit interior low mirror film to the outside of your buildings.

Then, there are the different levels of glare control to consider. Our internally applied Neutral Grey 20 film (SO-20NG-iSR), for instance, is capable of reducing glare by 80%, but this percentage falls to 60% in the case of the Neutral Grey 35 variant (SO-35NG-iSR), and 45% when you choose the Neutral Grey 50 film (SO-50NG-iSR).

If, meanwhile, you are specifically on the lookout for internally applicable bronze low mirror window film to reduce glare, you should note that our Bronze 20 film (SO-50SB-iSR) cuts down glare by 77%, while 55% glare reduction can be expected from the Bronze 35 product (SO-35SB-iSR).

The ideal glare reduction film for more sensitive settings

When there is a pressing need to lessen glare within the buildings used by your organisation – or whatever entity you are serving as a specifier – you don’t need to give up on the idea of installing window film, simply because of what may be the architectural sensitivity of the buildings in question.

Indeed, our low mirror window film to reduce glare here at Opalux is designed squarely to be fitted to properties such as listed buildings, where a more muted visual impact is desired. Call our technical team today on +44 (0)845 026 1125, and we can help you to select the product that best suits your requirements, as well as provide a free survey and quotation.