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Our solar reflective window films may well be our ‘original and best’

Amid reports indicating that temperatures could soar in the United Kingdom over the coming weeks and months, it’s understandable that if you are contemplating solutions for reducing solar heat gain and excessive glare at your organisation’s premises, you may have considered window film.

Sure enough, here at Opalux, we supply an assortment of window films under our own brand, and which are highly acclaimed as both solar heat rejection and glare reduction films.

Why, then, is it our solar reflective films that have proved particularly enduringly popular down the years, given that we also offer such options as low mirror films, clear heat control films and polycarbonate films?

They deliver consistently formidable performance

Above all else, you will probably be looking to purchase solar protection window films to ensure protection against the worst effects of the sun, for both your workers and your premises in general. Your employees, for instance, are certainly likely to appreciate how our glare reduction films can help them to better concentrate on their work, while also lessening the potentially harmful consequences of high levels of ultraviolet (UV) light.

Thankfully, then, our solar reflective window films more than measure up in this regard, reducing glare by more than 80% in the case of our Silver 20 products, while also filtering 99% of UV rays and greatly lowering the proportion of solar energy that is allowed to pass through the glass.

Both internal and externally applied versions are available

If you’ve never – or rarely – purchased window films previously, it can be very instructive to familiarise yourself with the respective benefits of interior and exterior films.

Here at Opalux, we can advise and guide you with regard to those respective benefits for your own intended application; however, what matters most is that we can supply solar reflective films in both versions to suit where you intend to install it.

A pleasingly uniform appearance is assured

The silver reflective outside look of these films doesn’t just help your brand to project a consistent, professional and classy image of itself – it also gives you fewer worries about any prying eyes from those walking by on the street.

Fortunately, our solar reflective films don’t look the same from the inside, instead providing a much less noticeable light tint. In short, these are films that are squarely suited to the specific needs of your business or organisation.

Would you like to discuss in greater detail your firm’s requirements, and which of our solar protection, heat rejection and glare reduction films could represent the best match to them? If so, simply enquire to the Opalux team today, and we will also be able to arrange a free survey, thereby enabling us to give you the most competitive possible quote.