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Our tinted window film makes sense for many different reasons

One of the categories of window film for which we are most renowned here at Opalux is tinted window film, and for more than a few reasons.

Such films are optically clear, transparent and non-metallised, and we present various options that can be applied to glass, including grey/black tints and art colours tints.

Why might you be interested in our grey/black tinted films?

There are various reasons why you may be interested in our grey/black deep-dyed polyester window film, not least given the wide range of grey/black densities in which it can be specified, from very light shades through intermediate to the very darkest shades.

When you are simply interested in such tinted film with the purposes of improved appearance, UV control or shading in mind, one of the lighter shades may be the best choice. However, the darker shades also provide these benefits, together with high levels of glare control to make it easier for those using computer screens to concentrate on their work.

A wish for greater daytime privacy may also motivate you to consider these window films, with different shades providing different levels of privacy while giving the external side of the glass a low mirror exterior appearance.

Such a broad range of available shades also makes this type of window film an appealing option if you are seeking to match up the appearance of replacement clear panels with that of existing surrounding tinted glass.

Alternatively, ask us about our art colours window films

Your reasons for specifying our art colours tinted window film, meanwhile, are likely to be very different. Such film is typically chosen by designers looking to enhance the atmosphere of a given setting by tinting the windows with such colours as Blue, Lilac, Green, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow.

These window films are certainly striking and decorative, which makes them an excellent choice for such sites as classrooms, children’s wards, stage sets, exhibition displays, public buildings, gyms and restaurants. They also provide such decoration while maintaining transparency through the glass, and can be removed whenever you wish to update the look of your windows in the future.

Request our help with selecting window film

Whatever type of tinted window film may seem most suitable for your own desired application, it is recommended that you seek out the specialist knowledge of our own seasoned professionals at the specification stage, so that you can be sure of making the most informed choice.

Contact the Opalux team today about our window film, by emailing or calling +44 (0)845 026 1125.