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Our translucent privacy films give your business flexibility and control

Do you wish to ensure a level of privacy at your organisation’s premises, while still enabling your workers and the users of your buildings to enjoy a good level of natural light during the working day? In that case, you may be interested in our translucent privacy films.

Purchase semi-transparent window films from Opalux, and you can exercise greater control over the level and nature of the privacy that those using your buildings can enjoy, while also benefiting from a greater level of flexibility than would be the case if you had simply had privacy glass installed.

These films, after all, mean that an architect or designer can specify the same clear glass throughout the premises, which allows for the later application of privacy films when and where they may be needed.

The strongest-selling Opalux privacy films cater to the most urgent priorities

Our two most popular translucent privacy films are the Opalux Frost Vinyl (PV900) and Opalux Fine Acid Etch Frost (PA902) films. These privacy screening films share a range of advantages, including ease of installation and a high level of light transmission that enables them to provide two-way privacy while maintaining abundant light levels. There is also the option to remove, update or replace them in the future.

These two single ply films can also both incorporate manifestations, as can be invaluable for satisfying Health & Safety requirements for large areas of uninterrupted glazing, such as glass partitions. However, of these two options, it is only the PV900 film that can also incorporate graphics, which may be desirable for adding your company’s new or existing corporate identity to both internal and external glazing.

We have many more privacy films from which you can choose

Such is our expertise and resourcefulness with regard to translucent privacy films that we are also able to give you such options as a graduated frost semi-privacy film. This film graduates from 100% translucent through to completely transparent, which makes it a good choice for spaces where you may wish to obscure one part of a window, but allow viewers to see through another part of that same glass.

There are also options here at Opalux for frosted vinyl plotter-cut graphics, patterned semi-privacy film and digitally printed translucent designer films. The latter may be specified for either total privacy or semi-privacy, and can be sourced by contacting Opalux Technical Services. This will enable you to access the Opalux Market Place, through which you can be put in touch with an Opalux approved state-of-the-art specialist provider.

Contact the Opalux team now to arrange a free survey and quotation in relation to any of our highly rated translucent privacy films.