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Patterned window film is one of our most underrated specialities

We’ve all noticed patterned window films in various settings from time to time, ranging from reception areas and lobbies to internal office partitions and corridors. However, many of us may not have consciously noted just how effective they are at providing a certain amount of privacy in the spaces in which they are installed, while still permitting a high level of natural light through the glass.

This makes such window film the ideal choice when you have an internal space that you would like to give a ‘designer’ look as part of a generally light and open atmosphere. But why might you opt to purchase such film through Opalux?

There are so many types of patterned film to choose from

One of the most obvious reasons to turn to Opalux for patterned window film is the broad choice of patterns that we make available to you, depending on the overall aesthetic to which you aspire for the given space.

We can typically bring you such generic patterns as Squares, Vertical Stripes, Horizontal Stripes, Rice Paper, Parchment, Frost, Opaque Colour, Dots, Circles, Stippolite and Graduated Stripes.

To find out which patterns we can provide you with right now, simply contact us at the specification stage by calling +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing

Window film that plays a vital role in many different contexts

Whether you are a specifier sourcing window film for the decoration of glazing within a residential, commercial, office or retail building, our patterned window films work on the basis of certain consistent principles.

Choosing Opalux decorative window film means not only a quick installation process, but also the ability to remove, replace or update designs in the future, which can be especially handy when the film is being fitted in spaces that may see multiple changes of use over time.

It’s also worth bearing in mind the health and safety dimension of window film. The visibility of patterned film helps to ensure the users of the building do not accidentally collide with large areas of uninterrupted glazing that may not otherwise be easily discernible.

All in all, our patterned window films here at Opalux don’t just look sophisticated – they are sophisticated, providing just the decorative solution that an otherwise unadorned space might require. You can find out more about the latest products that we have to offer in this category of window film by getting in touch with the Opalux technical team now.