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There are options for every need among our OPX window films

Car owners frequently approach dealers and fitters with an interest in having window films applied to their vehicle, although the reasons for such interest can greatly vary. For some drivers, it may be privacy that is the main motivation, whereas others may be chiefly concerned with boosting security or better protecting themselves from excessive heat or glare when behind the wheel.

These wide-ranging considerations make it vital that when you are looking to order the automotive tinted films that will satisfy your customers, you choose the right solutions from the right supplier.

So with all of the above in mind, here are the ranges of OPX window films that you can purchase from the Opalux team right now, and which help to show we really can supply the product that will meet a given customer’s requirements.

Solo or Duo?

As their respective names indicate, our OPX NR Elite Solo and NR Elite Duo automotive window films have much in common. They are all optically clear, non-metalized polyester films that offer impressive clarity and high-performing colour-stable properties. Both of these subcategories of our OPX window films also deliver 99% filtering of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our NR Elite Solo products, however, are one-ply films, compared to the two-ply products that make up the NR Elite Duo range. The former, 25-micron films come with a three-year product warranty, while the latter are 38-micron and accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

You can depend on OPX window films for consistently high-end performance

Continue your perusal of our OPX window film range, and you’ll also find such formidably-specified options as our HP Refined window tints. These two-ply metalized films combine high optical clarity with maximum heat rejection and stellar colour-stable properties.

OPX HP Refined films do much to make the driver feel more comfortable behind the wheel – the HP Refined 5 film, for example, provides 99% UV rejection, 94% glare reduction and 61% total solar energy rejection.

Finally, we are also pleased to be able to supply IR Challenger window tints that offer truly high-end performance. They’re available in various shades and can be depended on to provide long-lasting heat and glare reduction, as well as impeccable scratch resistance without the need for a metalized layer. These films, too, come with a lifetime warranty.

Would you like to talk to our team in more detail about our assortment of OPX window films, so that you can be sure of selecting the most appropriate products for the requirements of your business as a dealer or fitter, and as a consequence, our customers? If so, don’t hesitate to call 0845 026 1125 today, so that we can also give you the benefit of the most competitive quote.