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Tinted window films from Opalux can serve a broad range of purposes

It only requires one glance across our online product selection here at Opalux to appreciate that window film can be specified to satisfy all manner of requirements, from heat and glare control and privacy to safety and security.

Much the same can be said of our tinted window films, which don’t merely bring an aesthetic benefit – as great as such a benefit can often be – but also many practical advantages.

You’ve got plenty of options as far as grey/black tinting is concerned

For cosmetic but also UV control or shading purposes, our grey/black window tints are a popular choice. These non-metallised, optically clear and deep-dyed window films have the basic effect of tinting clear glass in any of a variety of grey/black densities, from very light to very dark shades.

If, for example, it is a lighter grey tint that you wish to apply to a certain building’s glass, our Tinted – Light Slate 50 (SO-50SL-iSR) window film may be an especially suitable choice. As its name suggests, this film provides a subtle tint, and is an excellent option when the specifier or end-user desires a low external reflection.

The Slate 50 film offers a variety of other benefits, including the filtering of up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and assistance in reducing the premature fading of interior furnishings. However, it is the combination of a subtle light grey/black external appearance and a barely noticeable visual effect from the inside that especially leads many of our customers to choose it.

The situation is very different with the darker grey/black tint that such a film as the Exterior Grade SO-10NRG-eSR product provides. This film is designed for exterior rather than interior application, which helps to explain its scratch-resistant coating. It is also a superb choice of window film when you seek to alleviate severe solar glare problems, while achieving daytime one-way privacy and a uniform outside appearance.

You can also trust us as a source of transparent art colours

The art colours window films that we are pleased to offer in such hues as Light Blue, Purple, Green, Pink and Red are naturally very different tinted window films to the aforementioned grey/black products.

Nonetheless, these films can serve their own invaluable role for all manner of customers of ours, not least in enhancing the appearance and atmosphere of places and spaces ranging from classrooms, stage sets and sports centres to entrances, museums and children’s wards. These are films that represent excellent forms of decoration, while still maintaining optical clarity.

Could Opalux serve your needs for tinted window film? Our technical team is always available to discuss which product could be the most suitable one for your intended application; simply call 0845 026 1125 for a suitably in-depth discussion.