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Want heat control, but also a natural, clear appearance? We might have just the right film for you

When you are in the market for some form of glass film to reduce heat but don’t need whatever product you buy to also lessen the amount of glare at your business premises, you may understandably find many of the obvious window films on the market to be far from brilliantly-suited to your requirements.

After all, at certain business sites such as retail shops or motor showrooms, there is often extensive glazing in need of glass film to reduce heat. However, a solution like our solar reflective film may be a less than ideal solution, due to the accompanying need for the windows to be kept natural-looking and clear.

If your company premises have this combination of requirements, you may well have ruled out buying any of our low-mirror films for similar reasons. There is, though, an excellent alternative in the form of our clear heat control window films, which really are what they sound like.

A sophisticated solution for lessening heat, but maximising light

The state-of-the-art nature of these spectrally selective window films should not be understated. Our clear heat control films really do go a long way to rejecting the excessive heat gain that may presently be a problem at your workplace, without causing any noticeable appearance in daylight levels or otherwise altering the appearance of the windows at your site.

All of this means that your customers, clients and even employees may not even be aware that you have installed glass film to reduce heat, other than feeling the benefit of much more hospitable conditions.

Although glare control is a key feature of many of our window films, this is not the case for our clear heat control films, not least as the typical users of these products have often already adequately tackled any glare problems by other means, such as through the use of curtains, blinds and awnings.

Order the window film that matches your exact requirements

We’ve always dedicated ourselves here at Opalux to supplying window film for a vast range of potential applications, contexts and needs – and much the same is true of our clear glass film to reduce heat.

Both internal and exterior versions of this innovative film can be specified, delivering the significant minimisation of heat through the windows of your premises that helps to boost comfort and productivity for everyone entering your buildings. In the process, you can also lessen the pressure on your cooling systems and shield interior furnishings from accelerated heat-related deterioration.

Call the Opalux technical department today on 0845 026 1125 to receive informed advice and guidance on the most appropriate window film for your organisation’s circumstances and needs, as well as a free survey and quotation.