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We are leading providers of externally applied heat reflective material for windows

Where there is a building within which you need to figure out a way of reducing heat gain that would stand to make users of the site uncomfortable and push up air conditioning bills, you may be tempted to investigate the many heat-reducing window films on the market. It’s therefore no surprise that you would consider such a highly rated and trusted name as Opalux – but what if you only have the option of applying such film externally, rather than internally?

You may presume in such a circumstance that there is no window film available that could provide the necessary level of resistance to the elements while also being genuinely effective at reducing heat – but you would be mistaken.

We are, in fact, highly acclaimed specialists in external heat reflective material for windows, with various well-regarded and proven options able to be purchased right now.

Several great solar reflective options are on sale

Many specifiers and end-users who wish to achieve a uniform appearance with the heat reduction films that they install ultimately choose one of our two External Reflective films – Silver 20 (SO-20RS-eSR) or Silver 35 (SO-35RS-eSR).

The Silver 20 film is especially formidable at lowering the amount of heat that reaches the occupants of a building, transmitting just 13% of solar energy through the glass, with 52% being reflected and 35% absorbed. However, the Silver 35 film may be the better choice for premises where a medium level of solar control is desired, and can be instrumental in slashing a firm’s cooling costs and, in the process, Climate Change Levy liability.

But we also give you many other fine options

We are proud to have in our stock a broad variety of high-performing and long-lasting heat reflective material for windows, so that whatever circumstances and requirements might apply at a particular site, we can help you to specify the ideal solution.

You may not be aware of our low-mirror films, for instance, that are available in exterior weatherable versions resulting in a neutral, grey or bronze appearance instead of the highly mirrored look typical of other solar reflective films.

If, meanwhile, you don’t want to noticeably change the appearance of the given building’s glazing at all but still wish to achieve a good level of solar heat rejection, it’s well worth taking a look at our SO-70IR-eSR Specialist Heat Control Clear External film. True to its name, this product is exterior grade – with a scratch-resistant coating – but also achieves as much as 99% UV rejection and absorbs 52% of solar energy, reflecting an additional 9%.

Even a polycarbonate window – such as a conservatory roof or rooflight – can benefit from Opalux’s considerable know-how in exterior-fitted heat reflective material for windows. Ask us today about our External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate (SO-20RS-eBFSR) film, which is a metallised polyester-based solar control film that has been designed specifically for polycarbonate substrates.

Allow us to allay your concerns about finding suitable heat-rejecting window film for whatever application or project you have in mind. Get in touch with Opalux at the specification stage to discuss your requirements in more detail, before requesting a free survey and quote.