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We give you many options for anti-graffiti window film

The central purpose of our anti-graffiti window film here at Opalux is simple. Glazing in public-facing areas can be highly susceptible to graffiti, and our anti-graffiti film helps to protect glazing from the scratch marks that graffiti can cause.

It accomplishes this thanks to its optically clear transparent sacrificial coating that absorbs the graffiti. The film can then simply be removed and replaced, so that the panel is left looking as good as new.

The effectiveness of our extensive selection of anti-graffiti window film has helped to make it an especially popular choice for mass transit systems, with trains, buses and ferries having long been vulnerable to the ravages of graffiti.

What forms of anti-graffiti film do we offer?

If you are in need of a dependable standard anti-graffiti window film for interior application, our SA-100CL-iSR 100-micron film represents an excellent solution. It is quick to install, offers high optical clarity, is scratch-resistant and screens harmful UV rays, so is not ‘just’ an anti-graffiti film.

Meanwhile, those seeking a standard clear anti-graffiti window film that is suitable for outdoor settings can take advantage of our SA-100CL-eSR film. It needs to be installed to the exterior surface of the glass and correctly silicone edge-sealed, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thicker, 175-micron versions of these strong-selling interior and exterior anti-graffiti window films are also available, in the form of the SA-175CL-iSR and SA-175CL-eSR respectively.

Alternatively, and finally, you may take an interest in the SA-200CL-iSR multi-laminate 200-micron anti-graffiti window film. This is another form of such film that is to be installed to the interior surface of the glass, with such thicker and multi-laminate films sometimes deemed necessary if the graffiti operators use heavy-duty tools.

Opalux should be your go-to source of window film

When you are looking to select the most suitable anti-graffiti window film for your intended setting, whether as an end-user or specifier, it is recommended that you get in touch with the Opalux technical department for informed guidance.

Call our team on 0845 026 1125 or complete and submit an online enquiry form today, and if appropriate, we will connect you to an Opalux approved dealer who can provide you with invaluable assistance, including visiting the site if necessary and providing costings for the film installation.