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We give you plenty of options for patterned window film

There are few better-known or more trusted architectural window film brands than Opalux, so it’s only natural that so many organisations turn to us for an assortment of highly specialised options, of which patterned films are just one.

As a matter of fact, you’ve got many more options within our wider range of patterned window film, which enables you to offer a certain degree of privacy to your buildings’ users while still allowing the penetration of a high level of natural light.

These are the window films that all manner of organisations typically choose when they need the right solution for the glazed screens in their reception areas, lobbies, internal office partitions, corridors and other areas where there is a need for both privacy and a light, open atmosphere.

Select from a vast range of patterns

Whatever the current or desired aesthetic in your firm’s office, residential or commercial buildings – or for that matter, for any residential buildings in which this type of window film is to be applied – you are sure to find a suitable option in our range here at Opalux.

Such generics as Squares, Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripes, Fade-out, Rice Paper, Frost, Parchment, Dusted, Sandblast, Transparent Colour, Opaque Colour, Dots, Circles, Iceberg, Swirl, Acid Etch and Graduated Stripes can all be specified from us.

What else should you know about our patterned films?

Whether you are an architect, designer or specifier, our patterned window film caters to all of your most pressing practical requirements.

Such film can be removed or replaced in the future, should it be desirable to update the look of the glazed screens to which it is applied. It also provides the degree of modesty that is appropriate for reception areas and meeting rooms, where there is a need for good screening.

Our patterned window film is far from a mere luxury or optional extra, not least as it can even be instrumental in satisfying health and safety requirements for large areas of uninterrupted glazing, such as glass partitions.

Make Opalux your first choice for all manner of window film

You simply can’t expect to find a broader range of higher-quality window film than the range that we are so proud to offer here at Opalux. Nor does any other window film supplier provide such a high standard of ongoing technical support, or such competitive prices.

All that you need to do to arrange a free survey and quotation is call our team, on 0845 026 1125.