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What are the best ways to minimise glare in your workplace?

Optimal lighting conditions are essential if the workers in your business’s buildings are to be as productive as you need them to be. All too often, however, this is not the case in workplaces up and down Britain, to such an extent that remedies need to be considered.

Glare – which arises when excessively bright light intrudes into a person’s field of view – is one such problem. Glare can occur directly, such as when sunshine enters through bare windows, but also indirectly, as in the case of light bouncing off highly reflective surfaces.

Various means exist of tackling glare

You may have tried various ways of reducing glare on your company’s premises already, such as the fitting of shades or diffusers to unshielded lamps and bare windows.

Another possibility is to creatively rearrange your organisation’s offices so that light is redirected onto walls or ceilings, away from computer screens or other areas that your employees need to focus on if they are to work effectively.

You may even go as far as having any especially reflective surfaces at your business premises refinished. Meanwhile, if you have moved your workers to a darker area of the office to avoid glare being a problem, you could provide them with task lighting that can be adjusted according to their needs.

When you are devising solutions for glare in your workplace, it is also important to appreciate the often relative nature of the problem, with a bright light source likely to be more of an issue in a room that is otherwise gloomy, than it will be in a well-lit space. Simply equalising differing levels of illumination in one space could therefore greatly help.

Our glare reduction films could be a crucial solution

With both solar reflective and low mirror glare reduction films able to be ordered from Opalux by specifiers and end-users alike, your organisation may need little more than the right window film to achieve a drastic fall in glare at its premises. One product that you may consider is our Reflective – Silver 20 (SO-20RS-iSR) film, for instance, which is capable of minimising glare by an astounding 82%.

There are many more renowned glare reduction films to choose from across the Opalux range, so to receive tailored guidance on which one may be the best match to your own organisation’s application, why not call our technical team now on +44 (0)845 026 1125 or send us an email?