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What are the differences between our internal and external heat reflective material for windows?

If you have been browsing the Opalux website in search of appropriate solar protective window film for your needs, you may have noticed that some of our reflective films are described as suitable for interior application, and others for exterior application.

This begs an obvious question: how greatly do these two forms of heat reflective material for windows actually differ from each other?

Solar reflective film can be an excellent investment – if you choose the right one

Whether you opt for internal or external solar reflective window film, there are certain consistent benefits that you can expect from this type of film.

The defining feature of such film is, of course, the uniform reflective appearance that it provides from the outside. This not only helps to project a professional and clean image of any organisation based within a building where this film is installed, but can also boost security by making visibility through the glass from outside – including for any prospective intruders – much more difficult.

At the same time, however, this heat reflective material for windows can assist in preserving a good level of daylight for those inside the property, thanks to its mere light tint effect.

However, not all of our reflective solar control films are priced the same, or provide identical levels of protection against excessive heat or glare. This is why we urge you to contact our team here at Opalux at the specification stage to ensure you make the best-matched choice of such film to your needs, by calling us on +44 (0)845 026 1125 or emailing

Finally, the big difference between the two types is... short, not that much. We offer our heat reflective material for windows in Silver 20 and Silver 35 variants for both internal and external application, as well as a Silver 50 film that is to be applied from the inside of a building.

Otherwise, the key differences between our internal and external solar protective window films are that the latter are of weather resistant construction, incorporating the additional UV barriers necessary to prevent the rapid sunshine-related degradation of the film, while also having a strong water resistant adhesive.

Our external window films are a popular choice for circumstances in which it may not be possible to install the film from the inside of the given building, or if the type of glazing involved does not lend itself easily to internal application.

All in all, whichever option you choose for your own premises, you can expect the highest standards of aesthetics, performance and longevity from Opalux’s heat reflective material for windows.