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What makes our OPX IR Challenger car window films such a superb investment?

One of the best reasons to turn to Opalux for the automotive window films that many of the customers of your dealer or fitting business may be asking for, is the simple fact that we are the home of the highly rated OPX range of such films.

Indeed, we give you a breath of car window films from which to select, and which benefit from advanced design and manufacturing expertise.

Why, then, when such possibilities as our OPX NR Elite Solo, NR Elite Duo and HP Refined window tints cater to a broad range of needs that your customers could conceivably have, should you instead recommend the installation of OPX IR Challenger films, as we can also supply?

Privacy, comfort... and so much more

It may be that your company’s customers initially ask you about car window films due to a wish to provide their vehicle’s windows with a cleaner and more uniform appearance. OPX IR Challenger films are certainly one example of window tints that are capable of this, and what’s more, there are various shades from which your customers can choose within this range.

These two-ply, non-metalized films come in no fewer than five basic varieties, in fact. The IR Challenger 5 product, for example, transmits 5% visible light, compared to the 70% of visible light transmission that the IR Challenger 70 film enables. Much the same pattern continues throughout the range, with the IR Challenger 20 film allowing 20% of visible light to be transmitted, the IR Challenger 35 product 37%, and IR Challenger 50, 51%.

But all of these films also provide an exceptional 99% rate of ultraviolet (UV) rejection for a healthier and pleasanter experience behind the wheel. Then, there’s the not-insignificant matter of glare reduction. The rate for this in the case of the IR Challenger 5 film is an astounding 94%, but even the IR Challenger 70 product – despite allowing a high level of visible light to be transmitted – still cuts glare by a very useful 20%.

All of these qualities, taken together, help to make our OPX IR Challenger film a great option for boosting the privacy, comfort, security and even aesthetics of your customers’ vehicles. The remarkable scratch resistance and lifetime warranty that these films also come with simply maximise their appeal to the most discerning drivers.

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