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Whatever your customer’s requirements, there are OPX window films to suit

No driver deserves to have to suffer from excessive heat or glare when behind the wheel, and nor should they be forced to accept inadequate privacy or security as a vehicle owner if there is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective solution available that can combat such issues.

This helps to explain why we are so pleased to have a comprehensive selection of OPX window films available in our present stock here at Opalux. These window tints are sophisticated products that can deliver impressive results for the customers of your professional dealer or fitting business.

As a consequence, these are window films that your firm should not overlook if you are interested in delivering greater customer satisfaction and maximising profits.

But which of these window films is ‘the answer’ for your customer?

Even if your customer asks you specifically about window films as a means of addressing the potentially huge problem of elevated heat or glare while driving, it may not be immediately obvious to you which of our OPX window films will represent the best solution for their requirements.

This is why we would always urge you to contact the Opalux technical team prior to ordering any given automotive window film, so that our seasoned experts can advise you on your options.

Nonetheless, as you browse our relevant product pages for our OPX window films, you’ll begin to appreciate the many similarities and differences between them. You’ll become more informed on exactly what separates our NR Elite Solo from our NR Elite Duo films, as well as how our HP Refined films are a highly installer-friendly solution and the IR Challenger product could be great for enhancing your customer’s privacy within their vehicle.

It’s important to remember, too, that each of our OPX window films is available in a broad assortment of specifications and roll widths. Our IR Challenger 5 film, for example, transmits only 5% visible light and reduces glare by 94%; by contrast, the IR Challenger 70 film offers 70% visible light transmission, but only 20% glare reduction.

The Opalux team can equip you with the knowledge to make the right choice

Automotive window film can be a major investment for both your customers and your business. You therefore shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with us – as you can by calling 0845 026 1125 – if you are at all unsure about the product that will best serve your customer. After all, your entire firm’s reputation can hinge on getting such decisions right, time and time again.