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When does it make sense to invest in our clear heat control film?

As effective as dedicated solar protection window film can be for such crucial purposes as reducing glare and heat that could otherwise pass through glazing and pose discomfort for the occupants of a building, this type of film often comes with an obvious drawback: the visual one.

Allow us to explain. If you have previously browsed our range of solar protection window film options here on the Opalux website, you might have noticed that they almost all necessitate the appearance of the window to which they are fitted being drastically altered in some way.

In the event, then, that it isn't desirable or even acceptable for your building's windows to be given a reflective or low-mirror look, but you still wish to enjoy at least some of the benefits a solar protection window film can give you, our clear heat control film may seem very appealing. But what are some of the factors you should bear in mind before purchasing it?

This film offers great heat control, but not good glare control

Good examples of settings where our clear heat control films are often fitted include retail shops and motor showrooms - types of business, we're sure you'll agree, that depend to a huge extent on passers-by being able to easily see through the window.

This priority, and the fact that such businesses can have problems with excessive interior heat gain, could mean a clear heat control film from us would be an extremely wise purchase if your own intended application falls into this category.

It's crucial to appreciate, though, that unlike our reflective or low-mirror solar protection window film, our clear heat control films don't do very much to reduce glare. If, then, you ultimately purchase this film, you are strongly advised to have another plan for addressing glare in the intended setting - the use of curtains, blinds or awnings, for instance.

Peruse the specifications of our industry-leading films... and then get in touch

The Opalux website showcases comprehensive information on our clear heat control films. These include the Specialist Heat Control - Clear (SO-70IR-iSR) product, as well as the Supreme XL - IR Heat Control/Clear (SO-70XLIR-iSR) film, both of being these designed for interior application. An exterior film, the Specialist Heat Control Clear External (SO-70IR-eSR) product, is also available.

Once you have familiarised yourself with these possibilities for your next clear solar protection window film, don't wait any longer to enquire directly to the Opalux technical department.

This will enable you to make the big step forward to arranging a quote, so that whether you are a specifier or end user, you can be sure of obtaining the right window film at the right price.