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When you are in need of solar protection window film, should you ‘go reflective’?

Your first priority as a potential buyer of solar protection window film is likely to be to invest in a product that repels excessive heat gain and glare from entering your organisation’s buildings. However, it almost certainly won’t be your only priority – and nor should it be.

After all, our own broad selection of solar protection window film encompasses such options as solar reflective film, low mirror film and clear heat control film.

So, what is it that may make our reflective films an especially suitable purchase – and in which circumstances may other products in our range be a more appropriate choice?

Aesthetic appeal and brilliant solar protective results

You would expect any leading solar protection window film to reduce glare and heat so that a given building where it is installed is a much more bearable place for occupants and visitors.

Sure enough, this is precisely what our solar reflective films accomplish, with our Reflective Silver 20 film (SO-20RS-iSR) film, for instance, transmitting just 13% of solar energy through the glazing to which it is fitted. Instead, 52% of solar energy is reflected and 35% is absorbed. Glare reduction, meanwhile, is a stellar 82% and up to 99% of ultraviolet rays are filtered.

Such impressive specifications help to deliver a wide range of benefits, including greater comfort for everyone using your firm’s buildings, reduced energy tax liability and heightened daytime privacy from the outside looking in.

The appearance that such solar protection window film provides from the outside is uniformly reflective, which helps to mask any clutter in your buildings and project a clean and prestigious image for your organisation. From the inside, however, the visual effect is a much less noticeable light tint. 

But there are plenty of other options...

As ideal as reflective film can be in certain contexts, it might be that you don’t desire such a high level of reflectance from your chosen solar protection window film. Instead, you may be interested in achieving a more muted, neutral look, while still enjoying significant benefits as far as heat and glare control are concerned – in which case, our low mirror solar control films might appeal.

Meanwhile, our aforementioned clear heat control films are state of the art, filtering out infrared (IR) radiation without the appearance of the windows or levels of daylight being noticeably affected. You are likely to choose these films when the preservation of the most natural-looking glazing is crucial, such as for a retail store or motor showroom.

Finally, solar reflective films can also be purchased that are specifically manufactured to be applied to plastic instead of glass, thanks to the incorporation of a special adhesive. A conservatory roof, skylight or other polycarbonate substrate is the obvious place to install such window film.

Remember that the Opalux technical team is available to advise you on which choice of solar protection window film would be the best one for your intended setting and circumstances. Simply call us now on 0845 026 1125, and we can also quickly arrange a free survey and quotation in line with your requirements.