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When you require window film to reduce glare, turn to Opalux

Opalux is no less than the UK’s premier window film brand, with our installing dealers catering to homes, businesses and organisations in every region of the UK. It should therefore be of no great surprise that so many of our products focus to such a great degree on the reduction of glare, often by as much as 80% or more.

Glare is, after all, one of the biggest problems plaguing many premises today, not least offices in tall buildings that see daily use. The issue may be even greater in the winter, in fact, than in the summer, due to the sun being lower in the sky during the colder and darker times of year.

The users of your buildings may find it difficult to see their computer screens and focus on their work due to excessive glare through the windows, which – when exposed to high levels of direct sunlight – can also overheat quickly. This is why so much window film to reduce glare is also very effective at minimising heat gain.

Which glare reduction films can we offer you?

By browsing the section of the Opalux website that is dedicated to heat and glare control, you can discover our vast range of suitable window film options for reducing glare.

Of our internally and externally applied solar reflective films, for instance, it is our Reflective – Silver 20 solar control film that delivers especially impressive glare reduction of 82%, alongside 99% UV rejection. However, the Reflective – Silver 35 and Reflective – Silver 50 options are also effective at minimising glare to some degree, by 66% and 47% respectively.

The mirrored look of traditional solar control films is not to everyone’s taste, however, and nor might they be the right fit for certain architecturally sensitive settings. This is why you might take an interest in our low mirror films that, in the case of such a product as the Lower Mirror – Neutral Grey 20 film, provide glare reduction of as much as 80%.

Finally, if it is a very different kind of window to the typical office glazing for which you need glare reduction film, we can offer you External Reflective Silver 20 for Polycarbonate film, which gives 81% glare reduction for polycarbonate substrates such as conservatory roofs.

We can help you to specify the perfectly-suited window film

You have a lot of options when you are seeking out window film to reduce glare on your premises. That’s why it’s so important to get in touch with us at the earliest specification stage, so that we can assist you in selecting the window film that best matches your most specialised requirements.


To do that, simply call the Opalux team now on +44 (0)845 026 1125, or send us an email