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Which is the best glass film to reduce heat and glare – solar reflective or low mirror?

The sheer variety of options for heat and glare control window film might understandably feel a little overwhelming if you are not accustomed to purchasing such products. Nonetheless, for many of our customers here at Opalux, their choice often comes down to one between solar reflective and low mirror film.

The differences between these two broad categories of glass film to reduce heat and glare may seem largely self-explanatory – the former type of film has a highly mirrored, reflective appearance, as opposed to the latter film’s more muted look.

So, what implications do these differences have for the decision you might make when in the market for glass film to reduce heat and glare, and what else do you need to know about these products?

Why the difference in appearance matters at all

First things first – why should it concern you whether the next window film you buy is a solar reflective or low mirror one? The short answer is that your ultimate choice between these two looks will have a big impact on not just the aesthetics of the buildings where these films may be applied, but also certain practical factors.

Solar reflective film, for instance, helps to give your buildings’ glass a uniform reflective look – which in the process, hides internal clutter and occupants from the prying eyes of outside observers.

Those specifiers or end users who especially desire a more neutral appearance, meanwhile, may select a low mirror film. This is likely to be a particularly pressing priority for historic or listed buildings, which are – after all – more architecturally sensitive settings.

Certain outcomes, however, may not vary much at all

Whether or not you ultimately invest in solar reflective or low mirror window film, when you purchase yours from Opalux, you will be able to look forward to the highest standards of performance.

Indeed, in this regard, there may not be much difference at all between the two broad categories of film. Our Reflective – Silver 20 film (SO-20RS-iSR), for example, transmits just 13% of solar energy through the glass, reflecting 52% and absorbing a further 35%. It reduces glare by 82% and filters out as much as 99% of potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

This compares to the Lower Mirror – Neutral Grey 20 product (SO-20NG-iSR), with its 14% solar energy transmission, 27% solar energy reflection and 59% solar energy absorption. It lowers glare by 80% and in common with the aforementioned film, provides 99% UV rejection. Both of these films also come with a decade-long product warranty for the greatest peace of mind.

We’ll help you to determine the ideal choice of film

With so many possibilities available on the present market for glass film to reduce heat and glare, it makes sense to get in touch with the Opalux team at the specification stage to ensure you really are making the most appropriate choice of window film for the application you have in mind.

Simply call +44 (0)845 026 1125 or email today to have that conversation, including requesting a free survey and quotation from our highly capable and experienced technical staff.