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Why are car window films so invaluable?

It’s easy to think that there’s no real need to apply a specialist film to the windows of a vehicle, right up to the moment when such a need becomes obvious.

Excessive glare, for example, can be a major problem for many drivers, potentially blinding their view at crucial points and consequently heightening the risk of an accident. Temperature control, too, can be a pressing issue, while some drivers may wish to have window film applied to their vehicles chiefly for privacy or security reasons.

As a dealer or fitter, you may have received many enquiries from customers about car window films, or they may have spoken about problems like the above and asked you whether a solution is available.

When you invest in such films as our own OPX-branded products here at Opalux, you can answer their requirements while also opening up a potentially lucrative new market for your firm.

Our OPX products can meet almost every conceivable need

You only need to cast a glance or two around our current selection of OPX car window films to begin to appreciate just what wide-ranging requirements such products can serve.

If it’s superb protection against potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that your customer most needs from a vehicle window film, for instance, you may point them towards our exclusive one-ply, optically clear and non-metalized OPX NR Elite Solo offerings. These innovative window tints – from NR Elite Solo 5, right through to NR Elite Solo 70 – all filter 99% of UV rays.

Our NR Elite Duo car window films are just as effective in this regard, except that as their name indicates, these are two-ply products. Glare reduction is another major advantage to the driver of having films like these installed on their vehicle, however, with our NR Elite Solo 5, NR Elite Duo 5, HP Refined 5 and IR Challenger 5 films all bringing glare down by an astonishing 94%.

It’s easy to forget, though, that many vehicle owners also desire a certain ‘look’ from the car window films that they specify. In that case, you may consider – in particular – recommending our IR Challenger window tints to them, by virtue of the wide range of shades from which one can choose.

Get in touch now, so that we can help you to order the best-suited products

Would you appreciate the guidance and know-how of our experts when you are attempting to select the car window films that will be of greatest relevance to your customers’ needs?

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