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Yes, glare can be a big problem in a conservatory, too

If you have only recently acquired your dream home conservatory, the last problem that you will want to have to experience is difficulty reading a book or a computer screen due to glare. However, this is an issue that arises with conservatories all too frequently, which is why you may wish to investigate the various forms of window film to reduce glare now on the market. 

Polycarbonate roofs can be affordable, but problematic

It’s unsurprising that conservatory roofs are often made from polycarbonate, given that this material is – after all – about three to four times less expensive than a glass roof. Unfortunately, though, polycarbonate roofs are just as vulnerable to glare as glass ones are, potentially spoiling your attempts to read, work or watch TV in your conservatory due to the bright sun obscuring your vision.

Thankfully, there are solutions on hand here at Opalux to give you vital relief from glare as a conservatory user. These include a translucent metallised film that is designed to be applied from the inside – known as Opalux Suncool SO-10SC-iBF – and a metallised silver solar protective film that doesn’t merely reduce heat and glare, but also provides one-way privacy during the day.

The latter of these films has the code SO-20RS-eBFSR, and incorporates the polycarbonate-friendly adhesive that you would expect from a product conceived with this type of conservatory roof in mind. It is highly effective simply as window film to reduce glare, delivering 81% glare reduction, but also offers so many more benefits, including up to 99% ultraviolet light (UV) filtering and a uniform outside appearance. Indeed, the film sports a silver reflective look from the outside, and a much less noticeable light tint when viewed within the conservatory.   

The ideal window films for a variety of requirements

While you may initially approach us with a need specifically for window film to reduce glare, we realise there may be various other things you would like your chosen product to do. This is why we are dedicated to supplying the most advanced and relevant selection of window films for a variety of requirements. Furthermore, we urge you to contact our technical team to benefit from the assistance that we can provide with the selection of the most appropriate solution.

Call us now on +44 (0)845 026 1125 or email, for all of the help that you could require to decide on and source suitable window film to reduce glare and heat – or for almost any other set of requirements.