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Opalux Privacy Films

Privacy & Light Management

Opalux Total Privacy (Translucent)

These give 24 hour privacy while also transmitting light.  They are most often Frost Effect, usually white but there are also tinted frost films available.  Other options are Silver Etch, Sandblast Effect, Dusted Frost and Dusted Crystal).

Patterned films can also give various gradations of privacy from virtually clear to total privacy (e.g. Parchment, Rice Paper, Cloud Effect) to semi privacy (e.g. Squares, Circles, Dots, Stripes etc) See also under Opalux Decorative Films (ODC1)

Opalux Total Privacy (Opaque)

These can be Blackout, Whiteout, plus a very wide range of Opaque Colours.  Special effect films are available with printed patterns, digital
print patterns, pictures, photographs etc.

Opalux Daytime Privacy

Daytime privacy is usually achieved with highly reflective solar control films with a mirrored finish to the exterior (see Opalux Reflective Films under Heat & Glare).  These films are optically clear when looking out during daylight hours, but give privacy and a visually pleasing uniform exterior finish to the outside world.  They are a deterrent against prying eyes and also hide clutter and other unwelcome interior features.

Opalux Night-Vision Reflective Films

Opalux Night-Vision Reflective Films give maximum daytime privacy and improve vision out, particularly in twilight hours.
They have a silver reflective finish facing out, for maximum solar heat rejection and a dark tint facing in to reduce the mirror effect or back-shine on the inside – see Opalux Dual Reflective Night Vision Films (OHG3)