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Do all of our heat reduction films deliver the same level of performance?

Now that we are into February, more and more specifiers and end users are entering a ‘spring’ and ‘summer’ mindset rather than a winter one. It is a transition that also extends to the solutions they may consider for lessening the amount of heat experienced by users of their buildings.

Window films that are specifically dedicated to repelling any excessive rises in temperature can certainly be one convenient and cost-effective solution.

But if you are interested in heat reduction films for your own buildings, can you expect the exact same level of effectiveness, regardless of whether the product you purchase is a solar reflective film, a low-mirror film or a clear heat control one?

The short answer is... no

No type of window film is ever quite the same as another. This is why you are always advised to scrutinise the technical specifications of any particular heat reduction films you look at, and to discuss your requirements with professionals like our own here at Opalux, prior to placing an order.

Such differences are down to the various trade-offs that must be managed when one is attempting to reduce heat through the use of window film.

One good rule of thumb to follow, for instance, is that the more important it is to preserve a natural and clear appearance with the window film you install, the less effective you can often expect the window film that you buy to be at reducing excessive heat and glare from passing through the glass.

This is demonstrated by such an acclaimed clear heat control film of ours as the Specialist Heat Control – Clear (SO-70IR-iSR) product, which – while it transmits 67% visible light to ensure a clear and natural look – also transmits 50% solar energy, with the rest being reflected or absorbed. Nonetheless, this may still be a perfectly satisfactory level of heat rejection for the kind of setting where this film is likely to be used, such as a retail store or motor showroom.

If, though, it is maximum heat rejection that you desire in a window film, and you are not concerned at all about enabling those outside to continue seeing through the glass, such a solution as our Reflective – Silver 20 (SO-20RS-iSR) film is likely to be much more appropriate.

This particular film rejects a total of 78% solar energy, but also has a highly reflective and uniform external appearance during the day. This makes it difficult for outsiders to look through the window – a potentially very significant privacy and security benefit.

We can point you in the direction of window film that truly works

Even if the rejection of excessive heat gain is a major priority for you when seeking to buy window film for your buildings, the combination of other priorities that you are likely to have makes it crucial to carefully think about these factors before deciding on a given product.

This is a task that can be made much easier when you first get in touch with the Opalux team. You are welcome to call us on 0845 026 1125 or email, whether to ask us any technical questions, arrange a survey or request a quote, to ensure you really do benefit from the very best-suited product, at the right price.