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Just a few of the functions that Opalux solar control films could serve at your premises

When many end users and specifiers enquire to us about sourcing an Opalux window film, they may initially have in mind something with a very specific purpose. They might desire the best window film to reduce glare at their premises, for instance, or it may be the product that would be most effective at lowering oppressive summertime heat that is of most interest to them at first.

However, it is any one or more of the following benefits that you might actually receive from your final Opalux window film, depending on the product you ultimately choose.

Improved aesthetics

Window film can really help to provide a more uniform look to glass than might otherwise be the case. With both reflective and low-mirror products available right now from Opalux, we can help you to achieve the appearance – whether mirrored or muted – that you feel would best suit your own buildings.

Glare reduction

This is one of the most common reasons that prospective customers of ours have for requesting solar control film. Glare can be a menace that prevents the occupants of buildings from using premises comfortably and productively. This, in turn, could make window film to reduce glare a better alternative to such measures as blinds or having trees planted near buildings.

The rejection of heat gain

Both overly warm and overly cold environments can be less-than-optimal ones in which to work for people in offices and similar premises across the UK. Nonetheless, at this time of year, it is excessive rises in temperatures that are likely to be the biggest problem. A dedicated window film could therefore be greatly useful for repelling a large proportion of the heat that would otherwise imperil occupants’ comfort.

Enhanced privacy

While the change in appearance that Opalux solar control films often bring to the glass to which they are applied is in many ways simply a consequence of the window film needing a tint if it is to have solar protective properties, there’s another pleasant side effect that such tinting can bring: greater privacy for those inside the buildings. Our solar reflective films, for instance, are known for their silver mirrored external look during the day, which prevents those from outside easily peering through the glass.

Better safety and security

While making your buildings less vulnerable to the whims of wrongdoing intruders might not be your very first priority when you are in the market for solar protection window film, we certainly offer solutions here at Opalux that combine these qualities. We offer dedicated safety and security films, for instance, that filter out up to 99% of potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, while also being strong against attempts to break the glass, and helping to hold together shards of shattered glass if breakage does occur.

As you can hopefully see from the above examples, specifiers and end users with responsibility for buildings don’t need to limit themselves to purely seeking out the best-suited window film to reduce glare or heat gain.

Instead, multiple benefits can be offered by one product – and when you contact our technical department today, we can assist in directing you to the film that would represent the best match to your preferences and requirements.